Yellowtail in late December!

Yellowtail (hamachi)
  • Yellowtail (hamachi)

December 26 dock totals

Chubasco 2 Sportfishing 36 Anglers,1 Boat, 43 Rockfish, 2 Pacific Bonito, 1 Lingcod, 1 Sheephead, 10 Yellowtail

H&M Landing 106 Anglers, 3 Boats, 16 Sheephead, 2 Sculpin, 368 Rockfish, 5 Lingcod, 5 Whitefish, 2 Sand Bass, 2 Bonito

Point Loma Sportfishing 59 Anglers, 2 Boats, 6 Whitefish, 13 Sheephead, 142 Rockfish, 3 Lingcod, 1 Bonito, 3 Sand Bass

Seaforth Sportfishing 131 Anglers, 3 Boats, 7 Yellowtail, 2 Whitefish, 10 Vermilion Rockfish, 13 Sheephead, 198 Rockfish, 2 Lingcod, 22 Bonito, 4 Sand Bass, 3 Calico Bass, 1 Barracuda

36 Anglers aboard the Chubasco II 1/2 Day AM run boated 43 Rockfish, 2 Pacific Bonito, 1 Lingcod, 1 Sheephead, 10 Yellowtail

The Malihini 3/4 Day run with 23 Anglers aboard returned to the dock with 3 Sheephead, 2 Sculpin, 45 Rockfish, 4 Lingcod in the gunnysacks

61 Anglers aboard the New Seaforth 1/2 Day PM run caught 5 Yellowtail, 30 Rockfish, 1 Pacific Bonito

The Excel is departing at 8 am this morning on itss way south for a 17 day trip with 18 Anglers aboard. They'll be focusing on the Revillagigedo Islands area for cow Yellowfin Tuna.

The Red Rooster III headed out yesterday on their 5 day trip to the Cedros area and should be trolling this morning somewhere off the Baja coast south of San Quintin. Though this is usually a Yellowtail trip, it will be interesting to see if any Tuna are still holding north of Baja Sur.

The Yellowtail are still around up and down the So Cal coast, which is remarkable for late December. This time of year, the focus is usually on Rockfish and the tap-water for Trout, Bass and occasional Cats. Though those lakes are starting to produce and the Rockfish, Sheephead and Lingcod are chewing well on the local spots, having decent odds of boating a Yellowtail is a pretty good way to wind up 2014 and begin 2015.

Hopefully, this cold snap will fire up the trout in the lakes without pushing the Yellows south. It's nice to have options.

Tight lines!

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