Republican county supervisor Bill Horn getting fiancial love from some of San Diego’s biggest landholders.
  • Republican county supervisor Bill Horn getting fiancial love from some of San Diego’s biggest landholders.

Republican county supervisor Bill Horn has been getting some reflected financial love from one of the San Diego’s biggest landholders. Rancho Guejito, which is enmeshed in a struggle to develop its sprawling 22,000-acre holding in North County’s back country, gave $15,000 in cash on behalf of the supervisor to unspecified county “special events” on November 19, according to a so-called behesting report filed with the county clerk December 1.

Herzog Contracting, which also has done plenty of business with the county, came up with $5000 on November 5, also for unitemized “special events.” Herzog employees kicked in a total of $2800 for Horn’s successful re-election bid earlier this year. In addition, the company gave a total of $20,000 to a political action committee run by the county’s Deputy Sheriffs’ Association that favored Horn.

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Thankfully, there are now term limits in place for the BoS.

All politicians are corrupt. Just follow the money to find the owner.

That huge parcel in the NE part of the county is development's "800 pound gorilla." Thus far nothing has happened to it, but its owners did float a development scheme a few years ago that involved residential developments in about half of it and reserving the other half for open space. Then there was a proposal that it be annexed by the city of Escondido, but that didn't look feasible. At some point in the next few years, there will be an attempt to start to develop the area, and the go-to guy for getting something approved will be "Bulldozer Bill" Horn. Nobody else will be able to carry it, and on the board of supervisors, since they defer to each other in each other's territory, if he likes something it generally is approved. If he doesn't like it, it's dead.

If the county really wanted to do something great with the Rancho, it should be assembling the funding to buy the whole thing outright, and turn it into a vast county park/preserve. There's nothing else like it in size and varied terrain anywhere in the state remaining undeveloped, meaning that this county could really make a significant contribution to keeping a piece of California looking like it did before civilization intruded. Horn is not the guy who wants to keep things undeveloped, and his successor might be. Look forward to a hard push by the Rancho's owners for development during this last term of Horn on the Board. It could come soon, maybe in 2015.

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