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Carl DeMaio
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Word out of Washington earlier this month that defeated GOP congressional candidate Carl DeMaio is starting up a new super PAC has been followed by a quick rollout of the committee’s website, which suggests the former city councilman is in for a big makeover. “It’s time for new a new generation of leaders,” says the home page. “Leaders who aren’t afraid to push new, bold ideas for our future.” The pitch continues: “They challenge the Republican Party to go beyond being ‘the party of no’ to offer positive and bold ideas to solve problems facing our country…

These leaders want to reach out to every community to win support and build a true governing majority – welcoming Latinos, Asians, African Americans, Women, LGBT, and youth. Instead of focusing on divisive identity politics, these leaders focus on ideas that unite different communities together as Americans.” A dash of libertarianism is also part of DeMaio’s mix: “Instead of focusing on divisive social agendas, these leaders respect individual freedoms — allowing individuals to decide social issues in the context of their faith, family, and personal beliefs without interference from government.”

According to its website, “the Fund actively researches potential candidates in a variety of key target races, encouraging these individuals to consider becoming candidates for elective office.” Then, “the Fund will vet a variety of candidates to ensure they have a bona fide chance of winning their race — and confirm the candidate fits the New Generation Leadership model supported by our contributors.”…

2015’s National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness, which is coming to town in February, has arranged a pretty good deal for its own double beds at the Harbor Island Sheraton at $199 a night. “Enjoy the beautiful views of the San Diego city skyline, bay and marina at our hotel near the San Diego airport,” notes the invite.

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Sounds like DeMaio aspires to be the new Karl Rove.

LOL Maybe he would like to be the new Karl but should he succeed no one will notice much of a change. Both are anti American, anti worker, anti good jobs.

People, please! Do not begrudge Carloff Jackoff for exploring his options. The DeMo wants to be sure he is not missing any opportunities that might present themselves before pursuing his dream job: men's room attendant. I'm kidding! Just couldn't resist. Hey, MoMo reaps what he sows, and this dude has sowed a lot of bad seeds.

Looks like he's trolling for the big bucks. It would be interesting to see who wants to fund him.

Now, Paul, where is your Xmas spirit? I didn't mean "Karloff" as in Boris, I meant Carloff as in Jackoff. You know, that thing that Carl is famous for? I am surprised you rise to his defense, but perhaps its a case of birds of a feather. In any case, juvenile is most appropriate for comments about the DeMo, and I don't know where you get the n-word out of that; the man's name is DEMaiO...DE-MO? Get it? Where does your mind go? Have a good new year, Paul. I'm sure we'll find plenty of other things to disagree about in 2015. Try not to be so touchy. This is after all, only The Reader.

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