Need for speed

$100K public relations tool

OPD's 2015 Nissan GT-R
  • OPD's 2015 Nissan GT-R

The Oceanside Police Department has a new crime-fighting vehicle for their arsenal. No, it's not one of those surplus, armored Humvees being given away by the federal government.

It’s a sleek 2015 Nissan GT-R, one of the fastest production cars sold in America. The life-sized replica of a car used in the video game, Need For Speed, hit the Oceanside streets last week.

The vehicle is joint project between the department and Mossy Nissan. The department hopes to use it in various ways: connecting with younger people to perhaps pursue a career in law enforcement, as a public relations tool, and for it safety programs in Oceanside and Camp Pendleton schools.

With a rated top speed of 193 MPH, don’t expect it to be the lead unit in freeway police chases. It’s only a two-door coupe — no room for taking someone into custody.

The car has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $103,365. But other than the OPD decals, fittings, and modifications provided by the city’s fleet department, Nissan Corporation is providing the car free of charge to the city for at least the next four months.

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A total ego trip for some cop or group of cops who have nothing better to do than come up with some scheme like this car. The city should consider abolishing that excuse of a PD, and contracting with the sheriff (or maybe with the Carlsbad PD) for police services. If this is that they think is a positive step, there is a huge lesson for the locals in that city. For me, it's one more reason to avoid driving in Oceanside for any reason.

While the cops will want to drive this toy it is upper police management and City idiots that came up with this idea. While it is a neat show car it accomplishes nothing.

Thank you both for showing everyone how out of touch you are with today's society. It makes it easier to discount your comments...although you both have something to say about everything regardless of your ignorance.

Well then make the case for a police department playing the stooge in a four month public stunt..

HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2015... ...with warm, loving thoughts of Spring

The death of Ronnie Gilbert, this week, whose voice made an extraordinary impact on her music with The Weavers, marks a sad passage of time. Although this comment is nationally/internationally focused rather than locally, the loss of her voice has saddened us all and we will miss her.

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