Nary an elf

Distance yourself from the seething masses with artisan wrapping paper.

  • DJ:
  • What should I do if my wife and I want to wrap gifts for friends and family but we don’t like the usual holiday motifs? Call me crazy, but corpulent Santas and stylized sugarplums don’t do it for me.
  • — Darren, La Mesa
  • Dear Hipster:
  • How do hipsters wrap gifts?
  • — Cody

Many hipsters avoid the problem of tacky, holiday-themed wrapping paper by concealing their thoughtfully selected gifts behind layers of artisan wrapping paper available at many online outlets or your local art store. I happen to know that Artist & Craftsman Supply in Hillcrest stocks sheets of fancy, non-holiday-specific paper, with nary a fat, fictitious elf in sight! Hipsters have been known to pay upwards of $20/roll for fancy gift-wrap, a small price to pay for distancing yourself from the seething masses. Some people are in the market of making hipster-specific gift-wrap.

And yet, despite their reknowned upcycling skills, hipsters have yet to find a suitable use for old wrapping paper. With options ranging from “frame it like artwork” to “make party hats and confetti out of it,” the lame ways to repurpose gift-wrap pile up like plastic grocery bags, junk mail, and any of the other byproducts against which we pointlessly struggle. If any of you hipsters out there have a better use for old wrapping paper, send it to [email protected]. I shortcut the whole problem by wrapping gifts in newsprint.

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The colored Sunday Comics used to make good gift wrap. Do they even have that section anymore in Sunday newspapers?

Jaja, nothing says merry xmas like Prince Valiant and Marmaduke looking up at you from under the tree :D

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