A Pelican's Lot

Poem on deck

Not much to report on the fishing front for yesterday. The surf was chewed up, near and offshore conditions were horrible and only a few brave souls took a shot at some bonita from the piers. Not wise to be on the jetties and muddy wet conditions at the lakes, though some nice trout and a few bass were caught between squalls. Might be some good bass fishing this week in the San Diego River now that it is getting flushed with good flow.

The real news is that we are actually in a surplus this rain season, which is July 1- June 30. Last year was one of the driest years in history, with only about 6 inches in twelve months. Hopefully, this trend will continue and add some much-needed volume to the area lakes.

Reckon I'll leave a poem on the deck for y'all....

A Pelican's Lot

  • Amazingly, the pelicans dove in unison
  • Yet but a second apart,
  • All six of them seeking grunion
  • Or anything, really, before it darts
  • Away to find some other predator
  • For a baitfish’s’ life is given to the needs
  • Of the basses, flatfish and albacore;
  • To everything in the ocean that feeds.
  • The pelicans plunge in and bob over
  • Like ungainly bathtub playthings,
  • Each spilling a gallon of sandy seawater,
  • Barely hanging on to one or two skinny sardines.
  • But this, their life, has been chosen
  • By larger powers and greater schemes,
  • At least they’re not yet eaten or frozen;
  • A pelicans lot might’ve been worse, it seems.

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