Pimp hand strong in Chula

Lincoln Club members, their candidates and cozy South Bay relationships

Top: Jerry Rindone and John McCann; bottom: Dan Hom, David Malcolm, and Shirley Horton
  • Top: Jerry Rindone and John McCann; bottom: Dan Hom, David Malcolm, and Shirley Horton

The San Diego Lincoln Club, which defines itself as a pro-business political action group, has endorsed two Chula Vista candidates for the November general election: Jerry Rindone for mayor and John McCann for city council.

Rindone, who served four terms on the Chula Vista City Council, says on his campaign site, “As my friend, Mayor Cheryl Cox, completes her term as our mayor…it is with pride in our community that I announce my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Chula Vista in 2014.”

In 2006, the U-T reported that the Lincoln Club used $50,000 to oust former mayor Steve Padilla and bring in Cox.

Rindone was termed out in of the city council in 2008. He is retired from the Sweetwater Union High School District.

In the November election, Rindone will be facing off against former assemblymember and current Chula Vista councilmember Mary Salas.

As of the last campaign donation disclosure filing, Rindone had collected $50,051 to Salas’s $34,693.

The other Chula Vista candidate endorsed by the Lincoln Club, John McCann, has served two terms on the Chula Vista council and currently sits on the Sweetwater Union school board. As of the last filing, McCann had collected $26,940.

McCann’s disclosure form shows only nine contributors in the last donation period. Seven of McCann’s nine donors were San Diego Gas & Electric executives: Frank Urtasan, W. Dave Smith, Jeff Martin, David Geier, Steven Davis, J. Chris Baker, and James Avery.

McCann’s opponent in November will be a former mayor of Chula Vista, Steve Padilla. McCann’s donations surpass Padilla’s by several thousand; so far, he has collected $23,798.

A cozy and somewhat intricate relationship exists between Lincoln Club members David Malcolm, Dan Hom, and Shirley Horton and the City of Chula Vista and the Sweetwater Union High School District.

Former port commissioner David Malcolm, on the Lincoln Club’s executive committee, was a Chula Vista councilmember from 1982–1992. He also served as a port commissioner. In 2002 he was obliged to step down due to a felony conflict-of-interest conviction (which was later expunged).

Last year, each Sweetwater trustee chose a community member to sit on a committee that was formed to dispense of Sweetwater’s surplus property. The real estate deals are fraught with controversy.

Trustee McCann chose David Malcolm to sit on the committee. Malcolm’s company, Suncoast Financial, gave McCann’s 2010 Sweetwater campaign fund $500 in May 2013. The committee met in November and December of last year.

Malcolm’s wife, Annie, also contributed $5000 to former Sweetwater trustee Jim Cartmill’s defense fund. Cartmill was one of many involved in the Sweetwater corruption case. He was sentenced to a misdemeanor and had to step down from the board.

Dan Hom is also on the executive committee of the Lincoln Club. Hom ran for Chula Vista council in 2004 but was defeated by Steve Castaneda.

Hom has a public relations company, Focuscom, which was paid $30,000 to do work for Sweetwater under the direction of Jesus Gandara (who is serving time for a felony corruption charge). The nature of the work Focuscom did for Sweetwater taxpayer’s money was never disclosed.

According to a U-T article, Hom’s wife, Lisa, hosted a fundraiser for McCann in 2006, when he first ran for city council.

Shirley Horton, who sits on the Lincoln Club board of directors, is also closely tethered to the City of Chula Vista and linked to Sweetwater. Horton is a former assemblymember, former Chula Vista mayor, and a recent unsuccessful candidate for the Board of Equalization.

Horton is currently employed as “Community Relations and Development Director” for the nonprofit South Bay Community Services. According to South Bay’s tax form for 2012, Sweetwater Union High School purchased services from them for $1,115,854. David and Annie Malcolm are listed as Partners on the South Bay Community Services website.

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The candidates in this election do not serve as a positive reflection of The Lincoln Club. Lincoln Club members and the relationship to the SUHSD board of old - you mean the one that had 4 of 5 indicted?

There is an old favorite of Kenny Rogers - 'you gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em'. Supporting John McCann, that alone should shed light on the Lincoln Club's endorsements.

John McCann who COULD HAVE sent Jesus Gandara packing - remember he did allegedly have a second legal opinion advising him of such that he failed to share with the other Board members - one that stated 'the Gandara' could have been fired for cause thereby negating that sweet huge sum of money Gandara left with.

John McCann who had legal letters sent to certain community members and news organizations advising them to cease and desist. Doesn't the Constitution protect the right of free speech?

John McCann and his infamous little red camera - who filmed certain community members who spoke out at the Hilltop meeting - kind of bizarre.

John McCann who called for the police departments assistance to come to his aid AT A FREAKIN' BOARD MEETING when a certain well respected community member had the audacity to pull one of McCann's ill placed campaign signs up and then refer to it at the Board meeting. One would think a candidate would know the rules of candidacy.

John McCann, yes the same John McCann who CONSISTENTLY voted with the pack of Jim Cartmill, Pearl Quinones and Arlie Ricasa - (hmmmm, remember all of those promises in 2010 when he vowed to clean up the SUHSD Board?). Yet he consistently found himself of like mind with them, when casting his vote.

How many reading this have asked him about the SUHSD Property situation, you know where we are giving away 33% of the profits? Those profits, are our tax dollars. While he will tell you 'when I was in the Council we cautioned the District against it' - yet try and find where he spoke up at District Board meetings PRIOR to Ed Brand being shown the door. Oh that is right McCann brought Brand back, even after Brand left the first time under the cloud of a Grand Jury conspiracy.

John McCann brags about his efforts on the Sweetwater Board and what he has done - pray tell ask him this question - 'why did you join forces with Jim. Cartmill, Arlie Ricasa and Pearl Quinones in condemning those who sought out the help of the FBI and DA - you know 'the antagonists' aka CAVE people. One would think Mr. McCann would have welcomed their efforts with open arms and JOINED THEM - I mean they and others efforts did result in 18 indictments.

And finally perhaps some of you who back Mr. McCann should ask him why he NEVER QUESTIONED Ed Brand sicking a PI on me - a 64 year old grandmother who dared to question Board and Superintendent(S) decisions regarding the Property issues. Interestingly enough even the District hired PI believed me. Hmmmmm

Just my opinions

Let's thank Susan for helping shine some light on the shadowy characters who usually like to stay under the rocks and instead pull puppeteer strings on those who receive their largess at campaign time... Malcolm, Horton, Hom...what a trio to play to. What's in it for them? Surely something, as The David is always paid back!

And what is Malcolm's role in the SUHSD real estate fiascos? I'm guessing he has had a major part in structuring the labyrinth-type arrangements so that no one can ascertain what is going on. Perhaps even a greater master of the shell game, even greater than Fast Eddy.

We know that John McCann is not the sharpest knife in the drawer (even before his brain befuddling accident) and is so easily attracted by those who would tell him how and what to do once on the dais. McCann, like Cartmill, has no real visible means of support and tends to gravitate to public service as the trough at which he and his family need to feed.

Shirley Horton is also happy at the public trough. Her current high-paid gig, with the South Bay Community Services, amounts to little more than influence peddling as most of SBCS budget is government grants...including huge amounts from the (you guessed it) Sweetwater District, as well as the cities of Chula Vista, National City, etc!

If you do look at the 'sponsors' on the SBCS website, be sure to catch "Annie and David Malcolm" and Duke Energy....oh, that would be the company David was affiliated with when he got into deep do-do as a Port Commissioner. Duke Energy may still have its fingers in the South County economic pie as part of the deal to decommission the South Bay Power Plant....there's the connection with San Diego Gas and Electric, folks, and more money into the Rindone and McCann coffers. What a labyrinth of handy connections...all with political payback expectations I'm betting.

Dan Hom was involved with the Southwestern College Foundation when that treasury was looted by the former President (Chopra) and the Board members and others indicted in the 'pay to play' scheme.

So, I'm guessing Steve Peace is lurking about as well. He and Malcolm are birds of a feather, so he can't be far from an opportunity on this playground. It has been reported that his son, Chad, is handling Bertha Lopez's appeal of the ruling that is keeping her off the board...If that appeal is successful, what will Bertha owe in return.? Who is paying the legal bill?

So I offer my opinions with anniej's. This is a cast of characters not to be trusted.

We need to do everything in our power to restore a level playing field, one in the open, for our public institutions in the South County. There are other options on the ballot, please consider the consequences of your choices.

Mr. Rindone - back when he was our County Board of Ed representative I reached out to him. I was new to this game of politics, and more than naive. I believed when I reached out for help it would be there - after all we were talking about students, education, tax payers dollars. This was America, where people serve in their offices, not use. But, alas I was given an education in political bs. I spoke to Mr. Rindone. He said he wanted to help and he even promised to have his assistant phone me back - well, that has been a good long while ago - years even - and that call, well I am still waiting. Fortunately, the FBI and DA listened.

And WHAT DO YOU KNOW - THEY ACTUALLY MET WITH ME AND OTHERS - and the rest, well let's just call it history.

One thing the past five (5) years have educated me on - it is not about the party, it is about the person.

Since I have been being so outspoken about candidates/political figures allow me to bring up Ben Hueso's recent arrest for a DUI. Boy, don't it just make you proud? - NOT.

At a CV council meeting several years ago, Ringtone told an elderly couple that he was going to vote one way--then he makes a 180 degree turn!

Oskidoll - YES - THANK YOU MS. LUZZARO and The READER!!!

anniej...thanks for reminding us that Rindone was non-responsive to our pleas for help from the County Board of Education when he was in a position to help...in fact, in the so-called 'cat bird's" seat as THE sole representative of South County. The County Office of Education has legal jurisdiction over the schools, especially school finance, of all the schools in its area...that would include the Sweetwater District. And he couldn't return a call of very concerned citizens who sought his assistance?

What makes anyone think he will be any different if elected to the office of Mayor of Chula Vista?

Focuscom, Inc. - GCR, you remember them - the legal firm of Bonnie Garcia's - the one sent packing. Well, legal bills paid with our tax dollars show:

7/16/09 - 8/15/09 Client expense Consul Focuscom, Inc. - Consulting Services $10,445.92

8/16/09 - 9/15/09. Client expense Consul Focuscom, Inc. - Consulting Services $12,750.51

9/15/09 - 10/15/09. Client expense Consul Focuscom, Inc - Consulting Services $10,000.00

AND,,,,,,at the bottom of the I choices it has a strange note - ASSET UTILIZATION, well, my, mom,my ,my my!

What was it Schultz use to say? VERY INTERESTING!!!!!!!!


Good catch anniej! Asset Utilization indeed...and the players are Don Hom at Focuscom et al. (lots of folks) My my my! Now he is on the board of the Lincoln Club with Malcolm and Horton giving campaign dollars to McCann and Rindone...do tell!

And doesn't David Malcom, pictured center above, look like the cat that swallowed the canary?

oskidoll - transparency demands that I acknowledge I was reminded of the GCR expense report by a 'source'. However, it is a matter of public record should one care to do a PRA.

Asset utilization - SUHSD properties - millions folks, of OUR taxpaying dollars!

The net is getting wider and wider and wider.

Here is a thought, all of the monies we have spent on L street, the entitlement process (more than 1, many more than 1), legal fees associated with the properties, current asset utilization plan and on and on - well by golly it is an astronomical number - maybe even large enough to have built a brand new school.

But let's remember what Ed Brand, Jim Cartmill, Arlie Ricasa, Pearl Quinones, 'the Gandara, Bonny Garcia and the rest have told us -----


It is beginning to look like the net will need to be very large, indeed.

Love that "asset utilization"...meaning how to utilize the districts assets in such a way that this bunch makes a profit, i.e., how to siphon off money that is supposed to be used to educate the next generation.

Can we have several rounds of "All the silent partners in the sun, how we supposed to get any learning done!", (to the tune of "All the wild horses in the sun..."?

Interwoven plots and schemes...supposedly upstanding public leaders plotting against children and their future. I wonder if the rats will start trying to rat each other out?

We can only hope eastlaker, we can only hope!

Whatever happened to the good old days when bad politicians left politics once the word got out. It looks like now they all do is come together and form a club.

The Dan Hom that recently hosted a fund raiser for McCann. The Dan Hom that was questioned by the DA. The Dan Hom that was a supporter of Bonnie Dumanis. Well he sure gets around doesn't he.

Maybe that's one reason why McCann was the last man standing.

Any relation to that County Dinosaur, Bill Horn?

yes eastlaker....looks like you and erupting have connected some very important dots!

Thanks, but I don't think I deserve credit--credit goes to anniej, erupting and Susan Luzzano on this one.

I will say this--Ed Brand's enormous arrogance and bragging about all his friends in high places may have partially been due to the knowledge of all these people and how they happen to be slicing up the pie. Would there be some sort of mutual protection involved?

Now, Azano...I kept wondering just why all the corruption cases were shunted down to Chula Vista and given to a judge who at the very least could be said to lack gravitas. I am now wondering if someone didn't have something which they used to assist Bonnie D...in "shaping" how these cases went forward.

And why it is that even though we have all the public records of all the SUHSD board meetings with McCann voting the Gandara/Brand way, why we have documentation of McCann fighting campaign finance reform harder than he fought anything else...why McCann miraculously was not swept away along with the others.

Possibly because he was standing on the shoulders of the Lincoln Club, buoyed by all these politicos who have been working together to rob us blind.

A History and Vocabulary lesson about the Kakistocracy that is South Bay Government and Politics, weather it is Sweetwater, Chula Vista or the other elected officialdoms of the area.

The Lincoln Club and other political movers and shakers of the region (Political Elite - PE) all believe that their ideas and representation is what is best for us the Plebeian Citizenery-PC.

Where they, the PE seem to have fallen out of touch is that they all think they are leaders and intellectuals, deserving our attention and a reward for being. This is derived from the “Me” Generation of Yuppies and Yuppie wannabes who currently see themselves as the Governmental Elite in our region.

The PE have convinced themselves through their political inbreeding that the PC have lost the ability to choose wisely and monitor their doings and undoings of our governance. In some circumstances, they may be correct, however that does not give the PE the right to:

  1. Pre-select the platforms and direction of our communities
  2. Pre-select and financially back their “Political First Cousins–PFC” to be our candidates
  3. Gorge themselves and assorted PFCs at the Public Trough.

Enough is enough, too much nepotism and cronyism within the South Bay as well as the region, state and federal Governments.

We, the PC need to decide who and what type of officialdom/government we want, and not just follow the sound bites from the Kakistocracy!!!

Oh, Kakistocracy means “Government under control of the worst or least-qualified citizens”


Yes bbq....and we get the best government we can elect only if the electorate is informed and bothers to go to the polls. The Kak's (as you describe them above) count on the fact that only a few of the electorate care enough to do the due diligence that is so necessary. That plus their deep pockets and ability to influence those like McCann and Cartmill who are easily influenced by those deep pockets and the lure of the public trough. They are not necessarily altruistic, however, because they get their deep pockets through political connections and back-room deals. That is how David Malcolm got caught ....indicted, and convicted while a so-called public servant at the Port District. Wonder how he got that position? He maneuvered with his pals on the CV City Council to remove the person who held that appointment, one Robert Penner, in the middle of his term and appoint David instead! That is how powerful those connections are.

One good thing in the coming SuhSD elections is the shift to area seats, giving smaller individual community areas the right to elect their own representative. At large elections have perpetuated the apparent indifference of the electorate...the new format will, one hopes, bring the candidates and issues back closer to the neighborhoods they are, one hopes again, to serve.

Thank you All - the past and current, nobody will understand, legal thievery has got to exit the county.

eastlaker - this has been a community effort - each entity played/plays a valuable role in the effort to return the District to what should be its primary focus - THE STUDENTS.

WE ARE IN THE HOME STRETCH - the next few months efforts regarding the properties, the candidates, the future Super will determine if integrity will be restored.

EVERYONE IS NEEDED, EVERYONE HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE - pick your topic and lets all work hard.

In closing - Asset Utilization and the massive amounts of monies spent - well, guess I found one of my topics.

BBQ - we have missed you!

To be clear, "nobody understands" is that no one will know what has been done to harm them financially and scholastically.

BBQ - I will never understand how that happens - kakistocracy seems prevalent in San Diego.

As the Silent Partners are now being fleshed out, I wonder what will happen if the public actually gets to read all the supporting documents for all these real estate deals.

I do not know about anyone else, but I am starting to get a clearer understanding of Humphrey Bogart's character in "The Maltese Falcon" when he says he is tired of playing the sap.

I think there are many people out here who are very tired of playing the sap--we need to end the cycle of behind-the-scenes manipulators in Chula Vista.

If people wish to be influential, try being influential in honest ways. Speak up for the right thing. Do the right thing. Help others. Encourage others, bring out the best in others. Do not knuckle under to liars, cheats, bullies, thieves and frauds--which is to say, help us get rid of all the Silent Partners and all the Friends of the Silent Partners.

We need to build communities that show young people there are honorable ways to live.

So far, our local leadership hasn't done much in that regard.

I agree with everything you are saying.

However, it is also a matter of perspective. For example look at all of the controversy that recently happened with SEA. A small group of people at the top of the organization made a decision themselves in a shady process. They were able to use that to get other endorsements and now they will be spending huge amounts of money to try to get their candidates elected. If their candidates are elected they will owe a great deal to SEA. Some may think being beholden to the union is a lot better than other interests, but again it is a matter of perspective.

I would like to recommend that all here send an email to Dr. Glover respectfully requesting that SUHSD hold forums for the upcoming election. The candidates for that area should be invited and the TOUGH questions asked.

In 1994, I believe, Chula Vista had an open seat for Mayor. Shirley Horton was the underdog, in terms of supporters. Her only known supporters were David Malcolm and Cheryl Cox. But thanks to Malcolm's tactics, Shirley won the election. Soon after taking office, she led the effort to unseat the incumbent, Robert Penner. She then appointed David Malcolm as Chula Vista's Port Commissioner. Malcolm eventually made a secret deal with Duke Energy (for $20,000 a month!) to put Duke's interest ahead of the city's and port's interest. These are the "silent players" you need to be watching.

Horton, while on the CV Planning Commission, was instrumental in carving up Chula Vista. The city has NEVER recovered.

It is no accident that David/Annie Malcolm, SDG&E, Duke Energy are all listed as 'partners' on the South Bay Community Services web page....because Shirley Horton is the highly-paid so-called director of community relations and development for that organization that siphons hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars each year from our public coffers....the Sweetwater District, City of Chula Vista, City of National City, County of San Diego, etc., in addition to big government grants. While the work of SBCS might be noble, lots of people in the top ranks make lots of money -- the director gets nearly $200,000 per year. It must be nice to be so well connected.

What is the old saying, " Scratch my back"...??? This gang must give each other back scratchers for Christmas!

Back to the Future,

"Political First Cousins", it's amazing that Politics is the chosen "Family Business" of many of our Community leaders, both "Governmental and Social Services".


I, for one, choose to vote for public 'servants' who have other visible means of support, as governmental representatives. To me, what one does as an occupation OTHER than a political or government/social service job indicates some level of accomplishment, as well as a broader perspective on the business of the government agency. Their business knowledge, whatever it might be, would enrich the conversation on the dais and the quality of decisions made.

In my opinion, such candidates are also less vulnerable to the lure of back-room deals to enrich their own pockets!

That is precisely why I will always avoid voting for the likes of John McCann or Jim Cartmill, neither of whom seem to have reliable employment histories and who seem to gravitate to the public trough as a primary means of support for themselves, and their families.

What a nest of rats! WE NEED AN EXTERMINATOR, QUICK!

Here is the info about Voice of San Diego's "workshops" coming up:

Voice of San Diego invites Chula Vistans to participate in our next program focused on November’s school board elections for the Sweetwater Union High School District. Voice of San Diego is hosting these free workshops to help Chula Vista residents become engaged with the current race and learn about the history of the Sweetwater board scandal. Parents and high school students are welcome to participate. We’ll train you to become citizen journalists - utilizing social media to reach out to your Chula Vista neighbors and help them stay informed on the election. The 6-week workshop series will culminate with a debate between candidates- planned and scheduled by News Literacy participants - held at the Chula Vista Public Library.

Class Schedule: Chula Vista Public Library 365 F Street (Conference Room) Tuesday September 9, 6:00-7:30 p.m. Tuesday September 16, 6:00-7:30 p.m. Tuesday September 23, 6:00-7:30 p.m. Tuesday September 30, 6:00-7:30 p.m. Tuesday October 7, 6:00-7:30 p.m. Tuesday October 14, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

The last one will be followed by a public forum, date to be announced.

VigilantinCV - couple of questions

1- who, specifically, will be educating attendees?

2- why are the workshops only being held in Chula Vista? Several other communities students attend SUHSD. Might the host meeting be telecast to other libraries in IB, San Ysidro, Bonita, Eastlake, Natl City, Otay and South San Diego?

You're right, anniej. "Educating" attendees seems a bit condescending, and let's hope forums are held in all areas of the Sweetwater District.

I think the schools should hold meetings for the candidates running in their area. Not interested in a news agency running a tutorial when the news agency did nothing to help when the ship was sinking. The meeting done by the mayor was little more than show. The people that knew what was going on gagged from speaking a lot. The mayor is looking for Glover's job thats pretty clear to see. That picture we're all looking at the top well she knows everyone of them well.

oldchulares,I agree with you. This is about residents knowing what happened in SUHSD and the scandal. Well if they don't read the papers what makes the Mayor and the Voice think they will come to these workshops. I believe there is more to this than meets the eye so to speak.

erupting a chance for the mayor to promote herself it is clear. Interesting that she did nothing for her entire tenure as mayor and now when her time is running out she appoints herself to lead the charge to clean up what she failed to comment on for years. Reminds me of McCann. There is a lot more going here that meets the eye. Key players positioning themselves to take over resulting in more of the same. Mayor Cox would not be good for Sweetwater. Those who believe they have earned the right to lead because they have been around so long should consider retirement.

Thinking out loud here - about the forums.

  • why will valuable time be wasted on educating the community on the scandals? The scandals/court cases are settled. We should be focusing on building a new foundation, the old foundation has been jack hammered. Telling adults alleged corruption has existed in the SUHSD - not following.

  • will part of the agenda be to address or identify issues real, current issues?

  • voters are interested in asking their own questions. Let's see how the candidates do when asked questions on issues without the benefit of preparing a script. If you want to engage the public allow the public the opportunity draft their own questions. Prepared questions will tell us little about the work the candidate has done in educating themself on the issues or their commitment to serve vs. use.

Again I say it is imperative that we all vet our candidates. I am not interested in bios - I personally am interested in WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR THE STUDENTS OF THE ''''''ENTIRE''''''' SUHSD - regardless of the area they reside. I realize there are issues that affect one area that does not affect others, but in the end we are all neighbors, and should be as vested in other areas concerns as we are our own.

While I value eastlaker's, oskidoll's, barbq's, Maty Adato's and others opinions - I will vet my candidate based on my research, their vision for much needed improvement and based on what the candidates plans are to bring all parties together, for the good of the future leaders of this country.

Above posts are all on target. Why were the mayor of Chula Vista, and the Voice of San Diego, asleep for so many YEARS when they could have done much to help expose the perfidy!

NOW they come to the table and want to 'educate' us as to what has been going on for such a long time!

I agree that there is substantial self-interest at work here...in the mayor's case as has been outlined above; and for the Voice of San Diego, seems they are seeking more 'members' (a polite way to say financial support.) Perhaps now that the hard work of 'exposing' the scandal is already done, the VOSD thinks they can use their so-called 'forums' to further market their memberships. I am surprised they know how to find South County, and it does not surprise me that they appear to believe the entire SUHSD contiguous with Chula Vista!

Here is another angle on the 'educational' meetings followed by the TBA forum(s).

Did anyone see the mention of the refurbished desktop computers to be given to a parent or a student who attended--if the student qualified for the free or reduced lunch?

Yes, it might be a very nice idea, but isn't it getting a bit close to the territory of buying votes?

The reason I think it is important that all of us are aware of this series of events is this: what if by default the Voice of SD ends up running any and all forums. If no one else plans anything, that could happen. Then the Voice of SD will have the opportunity to shape things--who is to say what that might really mean.

Educating the public is assuming the public needs education. Could it be that this campaign to educate the public exists so that all the Silent Partners will remain untouched--there is an occasional commenter here who talks about the grass-eaters vs. the meat-eaters. The meat-eaters need to at least be exposed and questioned. If the meat-eaters are the Silent Partners, we have much cleaning up to do.

Perhaps the League of Women Voters will come to rescue the forums and sponsor, as they have in the past, a non-political venue for candidates for local office. They are excellent non-partisan referees!

I smell several big rats in the VoSD proposal, perhaps they are an unwitting tool of the silent partners who would seek to influence the process.

As for the Mayor however, as someone pointed out, she is good friends with everyone pictured at the top of this story. It's all about the backscratch!

As an outsider, I've wanted to keep quiet about CV politics. We have enough craziness here in No County, and in Vista in particular. But over the years, the little So County politics that has percolated through hasn't been flattering to the participants. In other words, what I remember about these players wasn't good. That Rindone family, for example, were all school administrators. Not teachers, administrators who get paid better, and don't have to endure the stress of going into the classroom on a daily basis. That sort of thing. In the same manner as with SUHSD, the voters in that city need to become just a little bit informed and pay attention during the campaigns and then stop the bloc voting and the laziness of voting for the incumbent, just 'cause.

Hmmmmm, wonder how they will get proof of Free and Reduced meals to qualify for this computer? All of the comments are absolutely correct. Personally, I am tired of seeing the same washed up politicians showing up again and again. I have often wondered why anyone would want to continually put their hat in the ring. Oh wait! It must be because they love their community, certainly nothing else!

I hope the district won't be supplying VOSD with a list of students who are eligible for the free or reduced meals--because that would be a violation of privacy regulations, wouldn't it?

But then, Sweetwater has been known to give out all sorts of info--such as when they passed along student contact data to some of the "universities" with which Ed Brand was trying to play Let's Make A Deal.

So then, how would the students' qualification for the desktop computers be verified? I guess someone from the school would have to give the student or parent a form letter stating they qualified? Not much chance of misuse there, right?

Local retread politicians. Kinda like that dead whale that washed up on shore, got towed out, then washed back up.

The Lincoln Club involvement is a drop in the bucket compared to the Union money.

Like Sjtorres, I am troubled by the influence of "union money" and "Lincoln Club money." The difference in my mind is that "union" money represents a rather large group. On the other hand, "Lincoln Club" money wears the familiar face of a small insider group of powerful people, such as Cheryl Cox, David Malcolm, Dan Hom, Shirley Horton, Jerry Rindone, Kevin O'Neill, and John McCann.

To watch this group wield their power in an effort to shape public opinion is indeed troublesome to me.

I am curious, just how does Kevin O'Neill fit into this group? Or do we have more than one local Kevin O'Neill?

Weekend update:

I am still waiting to learn about all the silent partners. Yes, Ed Brand was only the fifth most highly paid school district/county school board employee. Still is, actually. And isn't he getting his retirement pay from the first time around at the same time? Guess that wasn't taken into account. Or he would definitely have been more highly ranked.

But what if he is a silent partner, in on the Sweetwater deals.

Will Sweetwater be paying even more legal fees in that event?

At what point may we taxpayers simply say, "Pay your own attorneys--! You have bled us dry!"?

I have suggested to Dr. Glover that there be a candidate forum held at a school site in each area. It would be organized and run by the students within that area. The Civics and journalism students, for example, could prepare the questions, organize and promote the event. Only those candidates from the respective area would participate. I see this as an excellent learning opportunity that will garner a much larger audience since the students will insist that their parents attend.
I do not see any "church v. state" issues for the district if it is run by the students. The old ways die hard, so as of yet no buy in from the District, but hope springs eternal.

"Horton is currently employed as “Community Relations and Development Director” for the nonprofit South Bay Community Services. According to South Bay’s tax form for 2012, Sweetwater Union High School purchased services from them for $1,115,854. David and Annie Malcolm are listed as Partners on the South Bay Community Services website."

Dec 16, 2013, the UT listed South Bay Community's CEO as being among the most over-paid for a "non-profit."

Looks like the UT got that one right.

Is there anything we can do about it?

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