July jobs down, unemployment rate up

Local education jobs drop

The San Diego County unemployment rate rose to 6.6 percent in July, up from a revised 6.1 percent in June. County jobs declined by 5,900 in the month, mainly because a loss of 12,700 government jobs. Most of those lost jobs (9,700) were in local education — a seasonal phenomenon, according to the California Employment Development Department.

In June, the unemployment rate had risen from May, but the county had gained — not lost — jobs.

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Would have been glad if my husband had stayed employed at the county past his 9 years. He helped put them online. His startup business is fine in Nevada apparently creating a lot of jobs. Don - how many stock holders in a collective consciousness does it take to change everything? - 1 to tell the truth and 1 to refute it. The rest will make up their own mind and try to live with their choices.

shirleyberan: Sorry to say, but shareholders rarely bring change in publicly held corporations. Companies are not democracies. Best, Don Bauder

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