Industrial gas and political cash

San Diego–based utility behemoth Sempra Energy has turned to its loyal executives to support some of its political campaign giving. A federally registered campaign fund called the Sempra Energy Employees Political Action Committee has raised $109,117 during the current campaign cycle, according to a July 17 disclosure filing. Contributions have arrived from employees including Southern California Gas company president and chief executive Dennis V. Arriola, who kicked in $632, and senior counsel Georgetta Jordan Baker, with $253. SDG&E senior vice president John Christopher Baker came up with $884. Contributions included $2500 to Ohio Republican senator Rob Portman, $5000 for the HellerHighWater PAC run by Nevada GOP senator Dean Heller, and $4000 to the Denali Leadership PAC, benefiting Alaska Republican senator Lisa Murkowski. California Democratic congressman Alan Lowenthal got $1000, as did his colleague from Vermont, Peter Welch. GOP House member Michael Turner of Ohio got the same.

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These big Corp's are getting the CPUC's OK to over charge us so that they can over pay their Exec.'s so that they can then donate to Utility friendly elected Leaders that will then promote for the Big Corp.'s instead of US

Anyone else see what is wrong with that picture?

Ratepayers are now being ripped off and then the Utilities uses some of that money to make even things worse for their ratepayers!

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