Pacific Beach skate style is timeless

Locals and visitors show the beach 'hood isn't just for surfers

Izzy Munoz
  • Izzy Munoz

Skater Dave wearing a taco shirt

Skater Dave wearing a taco shirt

Pacific Beach isn’t only for surfers. Drive down Garnet and you’ll find groups of skaters. Head down to the boardwalk and they are sprinkled amongst the beach cruisers, joggers, and Segway-riding tourists.

According to Izzy Munoz, Pacific Beach is one of the best spots for skateboarding. The 18-year-old is extremely soft spoken. She is the kind of girl that is pretty without knowing she is pretty. Munoz has been skating since childhood. Born and raised in PB, she grew up with a board in her hand.

Her deck of choice is an ATM Click, size 8 ($40). Her trucks are Independent ($50-80 a pair).

“My bearings are Reds. They are really good. They last forever.”

Munoz just got into trick boarding about a year ago.

“I want to learn more street skating. It’s a definite passion of mine. Downtown is pretty good for that kind of skating.” said Munoz.

Munoz is currently attending Mesa College. When asked where she sees herself in five years, she said, “I’d like to be on the cover of a magazine. I want to get into working on cars and also motorcycles and maybe tattooing.”

LD Weldon

LD Weldon

Munoz was accompanied by a 48-year-old, who introduced himself as Skater Dave (he wasn’t interested in providing his given name).

When asked where he is from, Skater Dave said, “Everywhere, but I’m from here now. I’m not going anywhere.”

His favorite aspect of life in Pacific Beach is that he can skate every day. Dave took up skateboarding three years ago. His deck is from Play it Again Sports. He uses Gullwing trucks ($60).

When asked what the coolest trick he can do is, Dave said, “The coolest trick I can do is to get up again after I fall.”

A few blocks away, I found L.D. Weldon near the boardwalk. The 20-year-old skater was visiting from the LA area. He grew up in Compton but comes to San Diego frequently to skate.

“I’ve been skateboarding all my life. I was four when I got my first board. My favorite place to skate is here in San Diego.”

According to Weldon the coolest trick he can do is the 360 hardflip. He would like to master an ollie 360.

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