OK Go showers hot fans with confetti

Thanks to an unusually hot Belly Up Tavern, fans attending the club’s OK Go concert may have felt during the show like they would need to rinse off once they got home. The band, however, wasn’t about to make them wait that long.

Arena-sized cannons repeatedly brought down showers of confetti throughout a sweltering 90-minute concert heavy on sneak previews of songs from the band’s forthcoming LP, due in October. Though its current tour had started just nine days earlier, OK Go was already in peak form at Belly Up, its string of hits backed by a spectacular display of lights and visual effects.

Among rock music’s most fan-friendly frontmen, singer Damian Kulash interacted with the crowd all night, at one point opening the floor for an impromptu Q&A with fans while his bandmates tuned their instruments. He also got up close and personal with his audience, taking his guitar onto the floor for the band’s 2010 acoustic ballad “Last Leaf.”

Predictably, OK Go wrapped the evening with a spirited version of its biggest hit, “Here It Goes Again,” leaving confetti-covered fans drenched with sweat...and probably feeling like they’d just worked out on the same treadmills the song’s video made famous.

  • Concert: OK Go
  • Date: July 24
  • Venue: Belly Up Tavern
  • Seats: Loft

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