Sterling's racial remarks cause a stir

Clippers owner under NBA investigation

The National Basketball Association and its players association are investigating whether Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, made a racially insensitive remark that was captured on a recording, according to several publications, including the New York Times and USA Today. Sterling, a real estate magnate who has been in trouble for racial discrimination, has owned the team since 1981, when it was in San Diego.

According to a recording, Sterling is said to have commented to a female friend, "It bothers me a lot that you're associating with black people." He told her not to be photographed with Magic Johnson, the Hall of Fame basketball and entrepreneurial legend. Johnson is African-American. Johnson said he would not attend a Clippers game as long as Sterling is the owner. Clippers players held a meeting to discuss the matter yesterday, April 25.

In 2009, Sterling paid a record $2.725 million to settle a housing discrimination suit brought by the Justice Department, says the Times. He was accused of systematically driving out African-Americans and Latinos from an apartment he owned.

In March, Sterling's wife filed suit alleging that he was having an affair with the woman to whom he apparently made the insensitive remarks. In 2005, Sterling agreed to pay an undisclosed sum in a lawsuit alleging he tried to force Koreans out of apartments, according to USA Today.

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Like I've said before John Moores and Dean Spanos were not THE worst owners in sports! Sterling is a real piece of work...

ImJustABill: Agreed -- a piece of work. But he didn't walk away with $700 million to $1 billion by buying ballpark real estate at early 1990s prices and selling it to developers for far higher prices, as Moores did, thanks to the city council. Spanos would like to pull off a similar stunt, and he will have help from the corporate welfare crowd that once again controls San Diego. Best, Don Bauder

He and Cliven Bundy should see if they can find the edge of the earth and jump.

shirleyberan: Even Fox is backing away from Bundy after his remarks about African-Americans. It will be interesting to see how media, the NBA, the players association, Clipper players, other players, and fans handle this one if Sterling actually made such remarks. Sterling keeps proving he is a jerk. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: We have to remember that at this point we don't KNOW that Sterling made those offensive and vicious remarks. What we do know is that such remarks are consistent with his past behavior.

We DO know that Bundy made similar remarks; even Fox News has stopped worshipping Bundy. As far as I am concerned, Bundy is not only a repugnant bigot; he is a thief. He owes a lot of money to the U.S. government, whose land he is using. Best, Don Bauder

With all due respect Don, the fact that his lawyers statement talked about possible legitimacy and/or altering of the tape said a lot. The fact that he did not come right out and deny his client said those things speaks volumes. And the harlots lawyer saying that she did not give the tapes to any media outlet ( see CNN story) only suggests that she gave it to an intermediary. I'm thinking that Oksana Grigorieva may have given some advice to Sterling's parasite.

jemsd: I don't know that she is a harlot. I suspect that some lawyers involved in this thing may be. Best, Don Bauder

LA radio tonight is reporting the NBA will do a fast investigation of this and then take proper action. Just what that might be isn't at all clear. Force him to sell the team? Make him put it in a blind trust? He's denying all of it without actually saying that the recording is fake. So, part of the story is that it may be a faked recording. Not likely, I'd say.

Visduh: If the recording is not a fraud, Sterling can no longer be an NBA owner. He has to be forced to sell the team. Best, Don Bauder

Pot kettle black, Visduhhh, an anti-Muslim and anti-Arab bigot like you commenting on a story like this??? What a hypocrite.

Visduh: I am not aware that Visduh is anti-Muslim or anti-Arab. I can't think of any of his posts suggesting that. Best, Don Bauder

In the past ten days to two weeks I made a couple comments in regard to the murder case where the older husband was convicted of battering his wife to death in El Cajon. Neither were anti-Arab or anti-Muslim, although I did make critical comments about the culture. But those comments could have been constructed, I suppose, as anti-Chaldean, too. Don, you can be the judge. If those comments make me a bigot, so be it.

Visduh: Those comments were obviously not on this blog. They do not seem prejudicial to me. Some people thought anybody believing O.J. Simpson was guilty was considered prejudiced against African-Americans. Best, Don Bauder

Visduh: If he is guilty -- and at this point we don't know, although his background suggests he is -- the league may have to force him out as an owner, as Major League Baseball forced out Marge Schott. Best, Don Bauder

Give credit where due, Don. TMZ broke the story.

Scott Marks: Correct. TMZ broke the story. Best, Don Bauder

STERLING SCHEDULED TO RECEIVE NAACP AWARD. THAT COULD CHANGE. STERLING CLAIMS REMARKS NOT CONSISTENT WITH HIS VIEWS. On May 15, Sterling is scheduled to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP. A spokesman for the L.A. mayor says there will be a discussion over the award, given yesterday's comments posted on TMZ, a celebrity gossip site.

Sterling claims that the remarks attributed to him are not consistent with his views. But journalists and athletes are pointing out that Sterling's record on race matters is a reprehensible one. Best, Don Bauder

That's because as ESPN reported, he donated $10,000 to the NAACP.

NAACP must be falling on hard times.

Missionaccomplished: I missed that scoop by ESPN. Yes, it sounds like a quid pro quo. Best, Don Bauder

Sterling has had a bad rep for many years in this regard ... this may be the last straw....

jv333: Yes, he claims that the statements don't represent his views, but his past belies that. Best, Don Bauder

Sterling must be using a lot of testosterone and hgh. only the players are drug tested.

Murphyjunk: Maybe owners should be given an IQ test while players take a drug test. Best, Don Bauder

He seems to have been trying to control his much younger girlfriend's behavior with black men. Jealous?

shirleyberan: I thought I read that he is 80. She looks about 3/8ths that. Best, Don Bauder

I honestly really don't know what the NBA can/will do about this. Everyone has known for decades that Sterling did a bad job of managing the Clippers as their horrendous track record shows. A lot of people knew that he's a slumlord who has discriminated against minority tenants ( I bet a lot of people privately knew he was a bigot but as long as the right people are all making the right money those sorts of things just kind of get swept under the rug.

Now his bigottry is out in the public eye. Well, sort of. If TMZ was posting comments that were intended as private, is the NBA able to act on those comments? I really don't know.

ImJustABill: The most fascinating questions in this ugly mess are these: 1. Is the tape authentic? 2. Who made i? 3. Was the motive to avenge something Sterling or his wife had done? 4. Would this be admissible in court? 5. Where did the conversation take place? 6. Is that Sterling's voice? 7. Was the tape pieced together from other things Sterling has said? And there are so many other questions. Best, Don Bauder

If the tape were fake I'm pretty sure Sterling's P.R. team would have been screaming that by now.

I wonder, however, if there is enough proof about the origin of the tape for the NBA to take action against Sterling.

ImJustABill: The NBA says it is in a hurry to put this behind the league. I hope it is not a lynching, although his past behavior suggests any discipline or banning won' be. Best, Don Bauder

The other thing is the NBA has a new commissioner, Adam Silver. Will Silver have a difficult time asserting himself because he's new. Or will he come in guns blazing hoping to establish himself as a strong leader?

ImJustABill: I think it will more likely be the latter. He is replacing a legend. He has to make a record rapidly. Best, Don Bauder

My guess is publicly we'll see Sterling apologize profusely and spend time in sensitivity training. Privately I doubt he will change one bit.

ImJustABill: Sensitivity training will train him to keep his yap shut. But the damage appears to be done. Best, Don Bauder

Looks like TMZ caught a private conversation, unlike the Bundy dum-dum who preaches hate. Not sure where the microphone was placed but he was not aware he was being recorded in the one I heard and she kept the crazy conversation going.

shirleyberan: Sterling could have been set up -- no question. But he will get little sympathy. Best, Don Bauder

Don - is this about somebody else wants to buy the team because they feel like all that money is waisted on a senile old guy?

shirleyberan: There could be a potential buyer out there who wants to drive the price down. If that's the motive, the person probably succeeded. This kind of thing goes on on Wall Street all the time. Best, Don Bauder

I flagged unintentionally. Scott - did TMZ break the story or were they called to make a story?

They had the tape in their possession for weeks before airing it.

shirleyberan: Who knows? More tapes have been released by Deadspin. They are just as bad or worse. Did TMZ and/or Deadspin pay to get the tapes? Or were one or both paid by a third party to release them? Best, Don Bauder

Janet Shull: Good questions. It does sound like she is leading him on, hoping to trap him. Here's another question: did somebody try to shake down Sterling, promising to keep the tapes secret if he anted up? Did he refuse? Or not pay enough? Many if not most pro sports owners are in a sleazy underworld. Best, Don Bauder

John Molina: John Moores didn't even get a wrist slap for showering gifts, including an extremely remunerative stock tip, on a city councilmember when Moores was trying to wangle a huge ballpark subsidy. Who knows what will happen to Sterling? Best, Don Bauder

Possibly even Moore (bad pun) amazing was that he didn't even get a slap on the wrist for selling $800M of fraudulently overvalued Peregrine Systems stock. How could a CEO possibly know anything about his own company's financial practices?

ImJustABill: First, Moores got completely off the hook for showering gifts on the councilwoman. It stunk. Then, after dumping $650 million of Peregrine stock -- almost all he controlled -- before the fraud revelation, an even sleazier deal was arranged and he and the board got off with a modest fine. Both were San Diego justice epitomized. Best, Don Bauder

CLIPPERS PLAYERS HOLD SILENT PROTEST, LOSE GAME. BASEBALLER MATT KEMP NOW IN THE PICTURE, TOO. Clippers players held a silent protest before today's game with Golden State, which the Clippers lost. Los Angeles Dodgers player Matt Kemp has been dragged into the controversy. He was photo'd with Sterling's girlfriend (or former giirlfriend), who is of mixed race, and Kemp is discussed on the latest tape. Best, Don Bauder

So maybe Golden State set him up to demoralize players and lose. His view was already known for a while.

shirleyberan: I hadn't thought of that scenario. Best, Don Bauder

I mean Don, it's on all the news channels like its actually new big news.

shirleyberan: It's the kind of story TV loves. Obviously I liked it, too, or I wouldn't have posted it. Best, Don Bauder

Sterling has few friends locally after his promises to keep the Clippers in SD "forever". No sooner were those words out of his mouth, and he was moving the team to LA. For a number of years after that, the Clippers were a lackluster team at best, but they sold more tickets there than they ever would have in SD. Attributing any sort of nobility to him is misplaced at this time. He was just a money-grubbing developer, and he's lucky to have survived so long. News? Yes, but not the main thing to discuss at length now. Is there nothing more important?

Visduh: I can think of few things more repugnant than being a real estate developer and a pro sports team owner. Best, Don Bauder

FILNER was brought down by a well orchestrated effort of certain political and news operatives. No excuse for the behavior in Filner's case but he was secretly recorded. And here this story about Sterling; real sleezy. Total entrapment.. Rather pathetic girl and man, however this was a PRIVATE CONVERSATION!.So now private conversation are illegal thought crimes in the USA. Welcome to the new " Obama" boss same as the old Stalin" boss. NSA is listening- all thoughts and speech is hate if not STATE approved.

Eyeeyeball: From the beginning, I have thought Filner was brought down for political reasons. He wasn't playing ball with the corporate welfare crowd, and they found a way to get him bounced with the media's help. That does not excuse his behavior, of course, but his alleged actions wouldn't have brought down somebody playing ball with the downtown establishment. Best, Don Bauder

no problem recording private conversations of celebrities these days, no privacy laws apply?

Murphyjunk: Good question and I don't know the answer to it. My guess is that Sterling's lawyers will claim the taping of a private conversation was illegal and the use of it by gossip sites was not kosher, but lawyers for TMZ and Deadspin will argue the reverse. Best, Don Bauder

Try looking at Hoffa v. United States 387 US 23. I think this would apply, meaning no legal issue regarding the 4th, 5th and probably 6th amendments

danfogel: Unfortunately, I don't have time to look up that case. Why don't you explain the ramifications in more detail? Best, Don Bauder

Harvey Levin said on TMZ today that the NAACP shouldn't have been surprised especially due to past lawsuits, one by Elgin Baylor, two for housing discrimination. This "girlfriend" looks like a paid one. Said the estranged wife and son-in-law will be trying to save family assets now.

shirleyberan: Yes, I would not be surprised if the estranged wife and son-in-law are trying to save family assets. Best, Don Bauder

That's prob my accidental flag Don, oopsy. Now that I'm here, this has become a race issue but more manipulation to it. Hurtful.

Metta World Peace said "if you're a racist just seek help and become unracist, that's it" being interviewed by Levin. I think that's better than recommending to stop playing for your basketball team.

shirleyberan: I doubt if there is any magic potion to drive off racism. Best, Don Bauder

This started with the "girlfriend's" pic of her an Magic Johnson she shared with the world. And on "The Talk" They said this "girlfriend" is being sued by the family for embezzling 1.4million dollars (over the last 4 years) and she swore she would get them back.

shirleyberan: Yes, there is a squabble between the girlfriend -- or ex-girlfriend -- and Sterling's wife and probably others in the Sterling family. So vengeance definitely could have been a motive in the making and turning over of these tapes.

The question is interesting: did the girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend) secretly make the tapes and then sell or give them to TMZ and Deadspin? If so -- and I wouldn't doubt that -- there is plenty of sleaze to go around. Best, Don Bauder

The news says the amount on cars, apartment, whatever this hooker (I said) got is higher - Who can force him to sell - he's been married 58ish years - it belongs to her too. His wife is the one to feel sorry for. Yes this story bothers me. The family probably could/should declare diminished capacity.

shirleyberan: I don't know that she is a hooker. But it certainly seems like all the blame does not belong with Sterling. He is a repugnant fellow, but it appears that he was set up in a private conversation. There appear to be no angels in this one. These appear to be typical maneuvers of the slimier levels of sub-humanity. Best, Don Bauder

V. Stiviano and Manchester's wife Genya should get together and compare notes. The Gold Diggers Guide; blackmail and other ways to secure your future by gloming on to a wealthy lonely man.

Ponzi: I have seen no evidence that Manchester's young Siberian bride has the characteristics of V. Stiviano. Best, Don Bauder


News conference just held. NBA comish Silver just said the audio is genuine.

Sterling BANNED FOR LIFE FROM THE NBA. Sterling fined $2.5M Silver urging board of governors to force a sale of the team.


ImJustABill: Yes, the fine was $2.5 million and Silver says he will do everything in his power to get the owners to force Sterling to sell. It takes 75% of the owners to force a sale. Best, Don Bauder

NBA is giving Sterling the Death Penalty - or as close to it as they can.

I can't say I feel sympathy for Sterling.

ImJustABill: I have no sympathy for Sterling. He is a bigoted jerk. On the other hand, I have been married 52 years and have no temptation to date Stiviano. (However, she is said to enjoy conning rich, old men, and I am eight years older than Sterling. But nowhere near as rich.) Donald Trump called her a witch. That's just about the only time Trump has said something perceptive, to my knowledge. Best, Don Bauder

Sterling turned 80 over the weekend, actually on Saturday. What a nice birthday present. I was under the impression that you are in your late 70's; for some reason I recall thinking that you and my mother were born the same year, 1936. Am I mistaken?? I hadn't heard that Trump called the woman a witch. I wonder about that. She seems way to materialistic to be someone who practices Wicca. I would think his term for her would have been bitch, which seems more like little Donnie's style.

danfogel: I erred again. Yes, I turn 78 in May and was born in 1936. So I am younger than Sterling. Mea culpa. I don't think Trump specifically called her a witch. I was just paraphrasing what he said. He certainly didn't say anything nice about her. I agree that those who practice Wicca are fine people, but I can assure you Trump didn't have that in mind.

Suffice it to say that she has a reputation for taking advantage of rich, older men. She scored this time -- and Sterling deserved all he got. But I would love to know how TMZ and Deadspin got those tapes. As I said, this whole thing is taking place in a slimy underworld that is not atypical of pro sports ownership. Best, Don Bauder

NBA BANS STERLING FOR LIFE. The National Basketball Association has banned Donald Sterling for life. However, it has not yet demanded that he sell the team. That is probably the next step, requiring a vote of other owners, according to sports scribes. Best, Don Bauder

I believe that there is a time table of no more than 10 days for this vote to take place.

danfogel: I haven't read that, but you may be right. Best, Don Bauder

"Under the terms of Paragraph 13 of the constitution, the owners can terminate another owner's franchise with a vote of three-fourths of the NBA Board of Governors, which is composed of all 30 owners. Any owner or Silver can initiate the termination procedure with a written charge describing the violation. Sterling would have five days to respond to the charge with a written answer. The commissioner would then schedule a special meeting of the NBA Board of Governors within 10 days." So actually it is 15 days, not 10 and the clock starts with the written charge describing the violation. I believe that Silver said the process started today

danfogel: I heard today 5 or 6 teams have already come out against Sterling. Could be more by this time. Best, Don Bauder

Sub-Humanity wins again. This is such a con-job after a paid-for-blow. Really sad she needed to cause a race riot.

She's clearly very selfish and willing to do anything to get what she wants or to get back at anyone who she feels wronged her.

shirleyberan: Apparently, Sterling was taped in his own home. I deplore his views, but if he was actually in his own home, I deplore the methods, too. Best, Don Bauder

Should have said the sick and unscrupulous sub species.

And the countdown for the V. Stiviano (or whatever her name is) reality show begins....

ImJustABill: She will be opening in Las Vegas soon. Best, Don Bauder

Don - not racial if It sounde so, meant mental acuity. I went to Hoover High School mid- city, didn't know there was racism till after.

shirleyberan; Was Hoover High School named after Nancy Hoover? Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: Remember, Filner's office was bugged by a listening device across the street in the Westgate Hotel. So there is at least one similarity. Best, Don Bauder

And the countdown for a campaign for a publicly financed arena to lure the Clippers back to San Diego begins...


ImJustABill: Oh dear. Don't even suggest it. Best, Don Bauder

I assume this is sarcasm. If not, 3 reasons it won't happen. 1. Nine years left on a lease at Staples. 2. David Geffen. 3. Magic Johnson.

danfogel: I am sure it was sarcasm. Best, Don Bauder

Well pretty much sarcasm. It would be totally, completely, and absolutely ridiculous for the city and/or county of San Diego to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to build a stadium for an NBA team.

Then again, in my opinion it was a bit ridiculous for San Diego to spend the money they spent to build Petco Park.

ImJustABill: I have always suspected that there is a plan to have a complex of heavily taxpayer-subsidized pro sports facilities -- Petco, a Chargers stadium, a basketball arena -- downtown where gambling would be permitted. That may be some decades away, though. Best, Don Bauder

Hillary won't be first woman pres, she's kindofadick.

shirleyberan: Disagree on Hillary. I like Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden better, but I like Hillary, too. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: Oh. Herbert. Not Nancy. Too bad. Best, Don Bauder

Don - so you think if Staviano had read Nancy Hoover's book (new title) "How To Get a Millionaire to Marry You" the NBA players and Sterling could go on with their sleezy affairs and marriages, and get back to quietly hiding the racism

shirleyberan: Actually, she got a slow start on hooking up with wealth. Her first husband was not a 1%er. Then she ran off with Dominelli, whose wealth was the result of a fraud that exploded. (She didn't marry him.) She didn't hit the jackpot until her last two. Best, Don Bauder

Don - so you think if Staviano had read Nancy Hoover's book (new title) "How To Get a Millionaire to Marry You" the NBA players and Sterling could go on with their sleezy affairs and marriages, and get back to quietly hiding the racism, right?

Unflag us. Now they say on "The Talk" that Stivio-no says she was his archivist not girlfriend, nothing sexual. And paparazzi recorded her hiding her face and declaring she will be president. Wonder how many different drugs are involved.

shirleyberan: There is controversy about whether she was a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend or just a platonic connection. I hope that aspect -- and the facts about the taping and the roles of TMZ and Deadspin -- don't get buried. I am fascinated. Best, Don Bauder

Just trying to school ya cause youv'e lived such a sheltered life good man.

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