SEAL suits

War may be bloody hell, but life as a La Jolla venture capitalist isn’t a bed of roses either, according to an email making the rounds of local Harvard Club members. The group is offering U.S. special operations forces veterans — fresh from combat duty in Afghanistan and other global hot spots — guidance for a smooth transition into the dog-eat-dog arena of American enterprise.

“Would you like the opportunity to mentor America’s elite Special Forces during their professional transition into the civilian world?” Harvard alums are asked. “Join The Honor Foundation at UCSD’s Rady School of Management in volunteering your expertise through active participation in executive education courses alongside our nation’s most elite soldiers.” Not just any special warrior can cut big-business boot camp, according to the Ivy League group. “Our goal is to make available a learning and networking experience tailored for the top 1% of our military. We provide a new career road map through a unique assessment process, top tier executive education, professional development, individual mentorship, and proven private sector practices.”

Veteran SEALs, Rangers, and Delta Force members will receive training on a variety of vital topics, including “Personal Branding,” “Networking,” “Power and Leadership,” “Playing in Discomfort Zones,” “Executive Functioning: Nutrition, Diet and Sleep,” and “Safe and Secure Social Media Management.”

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Transitioning former SEALs into corporate management doesn't seem like a good idea. They are more "suited" for law enforcement or security. Military generals are more likely candidates for this type of executive training. I think SEALs have too much integrity and sense of honor to jump into the sleazy, amoral world of business.


by dwbat

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