Ken Cinema to close on April 27

First the San Diego Opera and now this.

Here’s what’s known: I have it on good authority that Landmark Cinemas, the company that operates the theatre, was not able to renew the lease on San Diego’s venerable single screen Ken Cinema.

The Ken is set to close its doors on April 27.

A call to Landmark’s regional office and Torrey Pines Property Management, the company that manages the space for owners, the Berkun Family Trust, went unanswered.

More as the story develops.

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I sure wish this was an April Fool's joke...a sad day indeed.

It ain't over until it's over. I spoke with a representative of the family that owns the property and the last thing they want to happen is for the place to become another Book Star.

Why don't you just kill me now? Bob Filner followed by Kevin Faulconer; SD Opera kaput; goodbye to La Jolla's last independent pharmacy, Burns Drug, and rumors about the imminent demise of LJ's fancy Jonathan's wine and grocery. This will surely be bad news for estimable Kensington Video, neighbor to the Ken movie theater.

I spoke with a CEO at Landmark. The chain did indeed give 30 days notice. They wanted to turn the venue into a state-of-the-art facility by spending $50K on a digital projector -- something a first run theatre needs to stay in business -- but the property owners refused to give them a 2 year lease. I'm meeting with the owners on Wednesday and hopefully this can be settled. And I spoke with Guy at length. Disappointed is a mild way of describing his state of mind.

Thank you Scott! Hope to hear some good news from you soon!!!

What can be done to stop this? Perhaps an online petition would help? A rally? If so, who exactly would the petition be directed toward (the property owners name)? I would be happy to start one if no one else does. I am sure there are plenty of people in San Diego county (and beyond) who would absolutely hate to see the theater shut down.

Give me until Wednesday to try and sort things out or come up with a plan of action.

"but the property owners refused to give them a 2 year lease." This isn't a matter of the city, it's a matter of the real estate land owners or so it seems...

Very true. As a show of faith, the property owners want a 10 year lease and a commitment from Landmark to spruce up the place and that means what's shown onscreen as well. More tomorrow after I meet with 3 members of the Berkun Family Trust. Keep everything crossed!

Hope you have some negotiating skills there, or some pull or something.

I have a pronounced passion for single-screen preservation and a big yap that for once will be put to meaningful use. ;)

Say it ain't so. That would be very sad indeed.

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