Former SD councilman ruled off ballot in Nevada

Mike Schaefer was disbarred in California, Nevada.

John Michael "Mike" Schaefer, a 1960s San Diego Councilman who tried to establish himself in Los Angeles, Nevada, and elsewhere, is battling election officials in Nevada. Schaefer, who was disbarred by Nevada in 2001 and by California in 2005, filed for Nevada controller last month, listing a Nevada address. But the state's chief elections deputy said Schaefer was actually a registered voter in Los Angeles, where he had unsuccessfully run for city council in March of last year. According to the Associated Press, Schaefer argues that there is no policy reason for Nevada to require residency.

A judge ruled Thursday, April 3, that Schaefer does not meet the state's two-year residency requirement. Schaefer is not sure whether he will appeal. Since he left San Diego, he has lost bids for other posts, such as Nevada secretary of state, United States Senator from Maryland, San Francisco district attorney, and California Board of Equalization, according to the Associated Press.

Two San Diego County lawyers have been disbarred, according to the Calbar Journal. Roy Newman of La Jolla was disbarred after failing to respond to multiple charges of misconduct, including failure to perform competent legal services and refund unearned fees. Joseph Guy Maiorano was disbarred for, among other things, not returning funds to his client's trust account and misappropriating $8,950 in settlement funds he was holding for a client.

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