Paracosm, by Washed Out

Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, has let us into his fantasy world. Paracosm, Greene’s second full-length, opens with sounds of a fairytale forest morning where you don’t know whether the day will be great or grisly until the harp chimes in and takes you away to “It All Feels Right.” The title explains itself, as the track gives off a positivity that fills the album – an optimistic outlook buoyed by dreamy backbeats.

The synth-filled title track is six-plus minutes mapping the fantasy world Greene has built in his mind. “Falling Back” is charming, if quirky, and the most pop-like track of the collection. “All I Know” is the type of song you’d hear over a summertime montage of beach romps and bonfires. “Great Escape” has hints of Motown soul buried below a daydream trance spearheaded by Greene’s serene voice. The album ends with the appropriately titled “All Over Now.” Bookending the serene forest fantasy that was introduced in the start...waking from your perfect day with an ounce of dread that tomorrow won’t be as perfect.

Paracosm is a step up from chillwave...not as chill (or as sexy) as his previous record, Within and Without, utilizing more structured dream synths than total spaced-out sonic blasts. Greene is still the poster boy for chillwave, but now with more substance.

  • Album: Paracosm
  • Artist: Washed Out
  • Label: Maze Studios
  • Songs: 1."Entrance" 2."It All Feels Right" 3."Don't Give Up" 4."Weightless" 5."All I Know" 6."Great Escape" 7."Paracosm" 8."Falling Back" 9."All Over Now"

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