Hungry crows feast on figs in San Marcos

Undeterrable thousands

Fig-tree groves along North Twin Oaks Road in San Marcos are being invaded by thousands of crows. According to Jerry Burke, who has a small grove on Solar Lane, just off Twin Oaks Road, it’s the worst case of crows ravenously eating his figs since he bought the ranch in 2004.

Although he and other growers have tried many means to discourage the birds, nothing seems to deter them. He also mentioned that during certain times of the day, there are so many crows gathering for the fig banquet, that even drivers passing by stop their cars to watch. In the meantime, he and others have been picking their fruit for market as best they can before the crops are destroyed.

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Figs can be a real pain to grow. If it isn't birds eating them just before you planned to pick them, it is those green "peach beetles", AKA fig eaters. Between the birds and the beetles, if you have some left for yourself, consider yourself lucky.

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