El Cajon Boulevard Coco's to become a 7-Eleven

Local business improvement association is not pleased

The former Coco's Bakery Restaurant location at 2644 El Cajon Boulevard will become a 7-Eleven store. According to Margaret Chabris, director of corporate communications with 7-Eleven, Inc., in Dallas, they will construct a new 3010-square-foot building with “four multiple-pump gasoline dispensers.” Opening date is “by mid-December 2014,” Chabris said in an interview.

Steve Aldana, spokesperson for El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association, said via email, “Wow, that’s definitely not good news. The typical single-story, stand-alone building with a parking lot in front isn’t what we are envisioning for the future of El Cajon Boulevard.” The new structure will occupy a 0.72-acre corner lot at the Oregon Street intersection.

Aldana included a statement from Cuong Nguyen, president of the Boulevard BIA: “We would have preferred to have a local restaurant operator move in to utilize the existing restaurant space.”

The new store, doing business as 7 Eleven 36990, has applied for a Type 20 license from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, allowing off-sale of beer and wine. The former Coco's did not sell alcoholic beverages.

There are already three 7-Eleven stores fairly close in North Park and University Heights, at 2404 University Avenue, 3152 University Avenue, and 3019 Meade Avenue. A couple of gas stations are two blocks away at El Cajon Boulevard and Texas Street.

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Generally I would be all for economic development with new businesses going in to vacant or closed stores. However, 7 - Eleven seems to be scooping up a lot of vacant buildings in the San Diego, La Mesa and El Cajon areas. I don't blame 7 - Eleven for trying to increase their "market share" along with increasing sales and profits, however, how many 7 - Eleven Stores does a particular area need? Convenience stores like 7 - Eleven do contribute to a local community so long as they don't become a magnet for illegal alcohol sales, loitering or other criminal activity. I hope that these new 7 - Eleven Stores make an effort to be good community neighbors and that Corporate Management will also make the same effort here in the San Diego area.

Where did this Coco's get the gall big enough thinking they could successfully set up shop across the street from a culinary constellation? The blind, stupid nerve of some people! Who in their right mind would choose to dine of generic crumbs when for less money they could hike up their Depends and bask in the ambiance-free elegance of the Chicken Pie Shop? At least with a 7-11 across the street, I now have somewhere convenient to stop after dinner to pick up my cigarettes, package goods, and a bag of pork rinds.

That chicken Pie Shop is iconic, but in the years since it moved from Hillcrest, the place has gotten very seedy in appearance. That doesn't keep me away, but I don't make special trips from No County to go there. If we're in the area, we might drop in.

Coco's seems to be struggling. They had a restaurant out in front of the Walmart that opened here in Vista about 15 years ago, and finally threw in the towel about five years back. It stayed vacant until it was remodeled into a Chase bank branch. Coco's was hot, hot, hot (for reasons I could not fathom) about forty years ago, and now just can't put anything together that can recapture the glory days.

After hearing that North Park Water Tower is used to hold their chicken gravy, I refuse to go to Chicken Pie Shop. I prefer my gravy in a small can, just like Julia Child always insisted!

Good thing you're not a Burger King-kinda foodie, as it's now closed too! Oh, the humanity!

GOOD dwbat! That is why we have OBESITY in AMERICA! These fast food places endangering lives of innocent people just to make a BUCK!

Sonic is taking over that space... Is that a better trade off or ??

Woooo Scott, I wouldn't call the Chicken Pie Shop elegant NOR would I say that Chicken Pies are healthy for you!! Just Google it and see how much FAT is in a Chicken Pie serving!!

I forgot there's another 7-Eleven, at 1995 El Cajon Blvd., near Blockbuster Video. That's about one-half a mile away. But it doesn't sell gas.

Update: The property now has a commercial real estate sign saying "Available." Does this mean it will not become a 7-Eleven store? The spokesperson for 7-Eleven emailed this statement today: "I learned that we are still in discussions with the landlord for this property." Mike Clark with Cassidy Turley said this via email: "We may not be able to make our 7-11 deal, but not sure at this point. We are talking to other tenants to see if they would be interested in the property."

December update: The property remains fenced in. Who knows what's going to be developed there? If you do, post it here!

November 26, 2015 update: Nothing is happening at the spot, besides more graffiti.

Update!!! Jesus. We need an update!!! Whats happening with this?!? God!

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