No more knock knees

I took my kids to S10 to have them look at my daughter's stride.

I went back to S10 Fitness but this time I took my kids. My daughter Emma is nine years-old and when she runs her feet kind of swing out to the sides. We could say that she’s “knock kneed”.

After the wonder-working on my knee, I put Dave and Chris to the task of straightening out my daughter’s gait.

They got right to and we discovered that she needs to strengthen her outer hips and release her inner quads and plantaris.

Meanwhile my five year-old boy Jackson was playing foam roller lightsabers with the intern Gustav and swinging like a monkey on the Rogue Fitness Rings.

Foam roller war.

Foam roller war.

As with me, Dave and Chris had Emma walk back and forth between them. They also had her run.

After getting Emma on the foam roller and releasing her IT band, they had her run again.

Lo and behold, it looked better. Her knees were tracking straighter. Her plantaris muscle was still pulling her the wrong way from the knee down but from hip to knee it was much better.

I had zero trepidation about letting Chris and Dave work with my kids. They are amazing with kids, and mine didn’t want to leave after being there an hour.

They gave us homework.

Chris and Dave showed me exactly what to do in order to continue releasing the tension in Emma’s muscles and they gave her one stretch and one exercise to gently strengthen her outer hip.

I want Emma to have the freedom to explore any athletic pursuits she wants which is why I brought her to S10. Working these imbalances out now will help prevent injury for her in the future.

The plantaris muscle is no joker. If we don’t take care it can lead to plantar fasciitis but that’s a story for another day.

Who knew that a few simple adjustments could direct my kid toward a stronger, healthier life?

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