Bird’s eye view of KGB Sky Show

Will this building be available next year?

KGB Sky Show fireworks
  • KGB Sky Show fireworks

Shortly after 9:00 pm on Saturday, August 31, KGB radio (101.5 FM) hosted its 38th annual Sky Show at Qualcomm Stadium following the SDSU Aztecs season opener vs. Eastern Illinois. I did not have a ticket to observe the show from inside the stadium, so I joined a crowd of similar viewers gathered in a Fountain View Business Park parking lot in the 3500 block of Camino Del Rio North.

Waiting for the show to begin — the crowded parking lot as seen from the roof.

Waiting for the show to begin — the crowded parking lot as seen from the roof.

As I waited for the fireworks show to begin, I thought I saw someone on the roof of the small building at the west end of the lot and went over for a closer look. I watched as an older guy, Dave (not his real name), scaled the corrugated doors on the side of the building to a small roof with a short, built-in ladder leading to another roof with a much longer ladder that put him on top of the building.

Looking over the side, and seeing me standing there, he asked if I wanted to come up. “Up here (on top of this roof) is the best seat in town (for watching the fireworks),” he explained. I thought, “Why not?” He came back down to the lowest roof and then helped me, climb up all the way, up. It was not as easy as he made it seem, and much scarier than I thought it would be, but he was right — it offered a clear, bird’s-eye view of the area outside the stadium where the fireworks were to be launched from, including several lift-buckets, lined up in a row, that also held fireworks.

KGB Sky Show fireworks

KGB Sky Show fireworks

A short while later, two guys and a girl - all in their early 20s — also climbed up, joining us on the roof. The first of them saying, “I’ve never been up here before, but my friends have. I wanted to check it out.” The show began several minutes later and thrilled the audience for over fifteen minutes. When the percussion fireworks (the loud ‘BOOMING’ ones) went off, the whole building we stood on shook.

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Very cool photos. You didn't miss anything by not being inside. It would have been better outside for those of us that sat on the north end of the stadium. We couldn't see much except the high ones. (note to future attendees - sit on the Aztecs side, the south side of the stadium.) I thought the pictures on the big screen were distracting. I didn't understand the big searchlights, they didn't do anything to add to the show. Did you see the crane where they shot some of the fireworks off from remain on fire after the show? It was 15 minutes before anyone did anything about it.

Many years at least one of those platform lifts remain burning after the show. A few years ago, once they lowered the platform to the ground, they had to bring in a fire truck to use enough water to put it out.

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