Geezer and Weezer on the same cruise? It could happen.

Now its a matter of getting the votes

Any Geezer knows how nice the Bahamas are in the springtime.
  • Any Geezer knows how nice the Bahamas are in the springtime.

After Weezer announced a contest to play on a cruise with them, Geezer launched an all-out social media blitz to get enough 'likes' for their video to win.

"We're the only San Diego band and the only cover band in the running," Adam Gimbel told the Reader. He says one of the rules was that bands had to submit an original piece of music.

Geezer rearranged "My Evaline," and while it is not entirely original, Gimbel says the song is so ancient as to be in the public domain. "They accepted it for the contest. So we're already cheating."

A couple of local bands won last year: the Nervous Wreckords and Wavves played the 2012 Weezer Cruise.

But consider that Geezer is essentially a Weezer tribute band based in San Diego. They were nominated Best Tribute Band at the 2010 San Diego Music Awards. They lost but wandered on stage anyway pretending they were senile, which is part of the band's senior citizen act. Geezer was nominated again for the same category in 2011.

Gimbel says the shenanigans — his word — being pulled by some of the other contestants are almost laughable. "There's one band whose video has 55,000 views, but they only have 100 Facebook 'likes.' How is that even possible?"

Out of the 60 or so acts vying for the one slot on the cruise gig, Geezer has 230 votes at the time of this writing. The Weezer Cruise is next February 13-17, to the Bahamas.

The deadline to vote is Halloween.

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