Walmart and Sempra bankroll anti-Fletcher hit piece

GOP Lincoln Club continues direct mail onslaught against ex-Republican Assemblyman backed by Qualcomm Democratic billionaire

Photo illustration of Fletcher on mailer sent out by Lincoln Club
  • Photo illustration of Fletcher on mailer sent out by Lincoln Club

No matter what else might be said about the Republican Lincoln Club, it's nothing if not determined to proceed with its war of the hit pieces against Nathan Fletcher, the ex-GOP state assemblyman-turned-Democrat backed by Irwin Jacobs, the La Jolla billionaire and Qualcomm founder who is one of president Barack Obama's biggest financial backers.

A filing yesterday by the club, a small group of would-be kingmakers that eschews typical Republican social issues for a laser-like focus on lobbying their members' special interests through local government, reveals that Marine veteran Fletcher will soon be facing more incoming political fire.

Providing the cash are national corporate heavyweights, including Walmart Stores of Bentonville, Arkansas, with $10,000 on October 18, and Sempra Energy, which kicked in $1250 the day before.

Walmart, opposed by unions and some neighborhood groups, is making a controversial grocery store expansion push here, backed by its media ally Douglas Manchester, U-T San Diego owner and Jacobs's arch rival in the struggle to pick the city's next mayor. Manchester gave $25,000 to the Lincoln Club's Fletcher assault on September 16.

Paul Jacobs, son of Irwin Jacobs and CEO of Qualcomm, has accused the Lincoln Club of making "slanderous" attacks against Fletcher and the cell-phone giant; Jacobs demanded an apology, which has not been forthcoming.

In addition to Walmart and Sempra, the San Diego Port Tenants Association gave $7500 on October 16. The next day CAC Advisory Services, run by charter schools advocate Rod Dammeyer, came up with $3000.

The campaign committee of GOP city councilwoman Lorie Zapf, a longtime Walmart ally and beneficiary of its campaign funding largesse, chipped in $500.

Rancho Santa Fe's Louis P. Ferrero, chairman and CEO of Tuscany Ventures, gave $2500.

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I find it interesting that the only issue Fletcher's adversaries continue to regurgitate is that of him switching parties. No scandals, closet skeletons or past political missteps. Many may view his leaving the Republican party as finally "seeing the light".

I'm just wondering what this guy really stands for?

It seems to me it just not something cohesive. When things don't go his way then his belief system changes, not once, but twice within a very short period, politically speaking.

This is not "leadership", it exploitation in my view. Worse, it's self promoting exploitation! Haven't we had enough of that lately?

The last thing San Diego needs is more exploitation from whichever side of the political aisle you find yourself aligned with.

With Fletcher, how much of it is his beliefs changing, and how much of it is him deciding that the GOP was incompatible with his beliefs? I'd say it's more of the latter.

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