Speeding Prius crashes cars in La Jolla

Driver of VW died at the scene

The Audi

The Audi

According to the SDPD 's Officer Townsend, at the scene of the accident, at about 11:30 a.m. on October 23, a Prius traveling west on La Jolla Village Drive at a high rate of speed ran the light at Genesee Avenue just as the southbound traffic had the green light to turn left.

The Prius struck an Audi first, just clipping the rear end. The VW Golf was struck next at the driver's door, fatally wounding the driver. The Prius then hit a pickup truck on the passenger side.

The VW Golf

The VW Golf

The Audi driver sustained minor injuries, the pickup driver was reportedly unhurt, and a seriously injured passenger from the Golf was transported to the hospital.

Traffic was blocked in all directions, and bus lines were diverted from the main UTC stop.

(revised 2:05 p.m., 10/24)

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Prescott: Didn't this happen today, Wednesday October 23rd? The article says the 22nd.

I told them that it occurred today. It was edited a bit. The officer on the scene also told us that the Golf driver did not survive. I put this in my story, but it was edited. What can I say?

The deceased is clearly visible in the photo.

No mention of the driver of the Prius. Howcum? News blackout? Whazzup?

The officer did not give any statement concerning the driver of the Prius, at the time of his report, to the media present. I just happened to be there, as he spoke.

Someone died at the scene. The images show a blanket covering a body. I hope the driver who caused this senseless accident is prosecuted to the full extent of the law and receives the maximum sentence. This is tantamount to murder.

The officer did state that they were traveling at a VERY high rate of speed, and ran the light. Charges are quite possible.

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