Police take blood samples at foot of Newport Avenue in O.B.

There was a fight...there was a knife…

There was yellow police ribbon around the rock on Veterans Plaza at the foot of Newport Avenue on October 21. The ribbon was surrounding a blood splatter on the pavement.

Two police officers were there and I talked to one, who said he wasn't able to give me his name due to his sergeant not being there. But he told me what he knew.

He said it was believed that two men were in a fight and one was possibly cut with a knife. The victim was taken to the hospital before police arrived and he didn't know which one of the men it was. The police were waiting for further instructions. I asked if they were going to take a blood sample, but he wasn't sure at that point.

Then a call came in from his sergeant and he was told to take a blood swab to bring back to headquarters. When I expressed surprise that they would spend money on a DNA test, he explained that they needed to determine if there were two individuals’ blood on the ground or that of one.

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