Bugged at Bugg show

The popular young British singer/songwriter Jake Bugg was either being very polite to the chatty attendees in the back of the room, or the monitors facing Bugg were loud enough so that he could not hear the droning conversations of the people at the bar.

Mr. Bugg was spot on with his hits (“Trouble Town,” “Two Fingers,” “Lightning Bolt”) and acoustic numbers (“Country Song”), his unique voice crooning without waver. Not very emotional, Bugg was like watching a well-oiled machine at work. The only movement I saw from Bugg was his keeping time with his legs.

The audience got louder as the night bore on. At one point during Bugg’s set, a loud female kept shouting over everyone — including Bugg — “Shut the [email protected]#k up!” It’s possible that the concert’s radio host (91X) gave away too many free tickets to non-fans...

  • Concert: Jake Bugg
  • Date: October 2
  • Venue: House of Blues
  • Seats: General admission

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