Daughter of cyclist who was struck and killed by a City Water Truck to receive $425,000

City agrees to settle the case after spending three years in court

San Diego City Council will award a young woman a total of $425,000 for the death of her father, Juan Carlos Navarro, who was struck by and City water truck while riding his bicycle in Oak Park in February 2010. The accident occurred when Navarro attempted to pass the City truck on the right. The driver of the truck failed to see the cyclist. Navarro died at the scene of the accident.

The settlement, to be made final during a city council hearing on Tuesday, puts an end to a long drawn out legal fight for the man's daughter and his widow, Nelly Navarro. The family filed the lawsuit back in October 2010.

Since, according to court records, the City spent countless hours in hearings and a failed attempt at mediation, to avoid being held legally responsible for the incident. Court filings show the a civil trial was first scheduled for August 2012 and was rescheduled numerous times.

The family, however, will not receive the entire $425,000. A breakdown of the settlement shows attorney Jacob Emrani will be awarded $181,322 in legal fees. The remainder will go to the family.

Councilmembers first approved the settlement on July 29. However, talks appear to have broken down and a new trial date was set for December 13.

Per the settlement agreement, all claims brought by the minor will be dropped.

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