City sued to protect burrowing owl habitat

Brown Field development would endanger species

Burrowing owlets (photo by Kevin Cole)
  • Burrowing owlets (photo by Kevin Cole)

A group of conservation and environmental groups sued the City of San Diego a week ago, claiming that the city's development plans at Brown Field would destroy burrowing owl habitat at Brown Field.

Organizations such as the Center for Biological Diversity and California Chaparral Institute say that the last remaining large population of burrowing owls is at Brown Field in Otay Mesa.

The groups charge that the owl burrows have been poisoned to eliminate the owls in order to keep from relocating them. The groups also charge that the city's multiple species conservation program was designed to protect burrowing owls and animals and plant found in vernal pools, yet both are on the brink of extinction.

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Poison first, then see if anything they killed that had tried living there was near extinction? Nice work American development, again selfish ignorant monsters.

Shirleyberan. If the city is found guilty of using poison, some heads should roll, and the fine should be huge. Best, Don Bauder

No need to roll them. Just turn them 360 degrees.

Mridolf. But politicians can turn their heads 360 degrees with ease. Best, Don Bauder

the city is too busy prosecuting persons that trim shrubs in front of their homes that grow on city property to have time for this.

Murphyjunk. Picking the low-hanging fruit. Best, Don Bauder

This time, Bonnie was doing her best Jan Goldsmith immitation.

aardvark: Do you suppose she was wearing a wig as she did that imitation? Best, Don Bauder

I don't even spray poison in my yard or on a sidewalk but I know some who have the poison spray service render all over their property every month. Overused. Still unconscionable.

Shirleyberan. The developers have run the city and county far too long. And they have succeeded in ousting a mayor who wanted to change things. Best, Don Bauder

They don't learn or change unless they get rolled in return.

Shirleyberan. And beware those who dare to roll them, even though they are Ina minority. Best,Don Bauder

Don - did you see on world news that the starfish in the Pacific Ocean are dying - I think they said "waisting away", many different kinds, they don't know why - I figure poisoned ocean. Report targeted lower Oregon area, a lot of Northern Ca coast the most extreme losses. Looks very bad as if they just turned brittle. Something unnatural happened to them.

Shirleyberan. Extinctions are a problem in oceans. Commercial fishing has problems. Best, Don Bauder

Shirleyberan. Definitely. Pollution is a huge problem. Best, Don Bauder

And that's the story of San Diego… profiteers using the public offices to convert natural assets into brownfields. The owls may become extinct due to San Diegans, but at least they did not die out from shitting in their own nest. Who will be around for the last laugh?

rehftmann: San Diego has a dismal record in this regard. Developers run the City and have for years, other than the short time in which Bob Filner was mayor. Best, Don Bauder

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