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The Hitmakers
  • The Hitmakers

These are the most recent bands added to the Local Music Database:

Hitmakers, with a sound falling somewhere between punk, pop, and new wave, were one of the earliest San Diego punk bands, circa late 1970s, along with the Zeros, the Dils, and the Penetrators. The classic lineup featured Joel Kmak (Penetrators, Powerthud), Steve Potterf (Crawdaddys), Ron Silva (Crawdaddys, Nashville Ramblers), Joseph Marc, and Jeff Scott, with Penetrators bassist Steve Kelly and Silva's drummer brother Scuzz also doing stints with the group.

The band released a seven-inch three-song EP in 1978 called It's Only Sad, followed two years later with a single, “Keep On Proving It” b/w “Tell Her I Love Her”‎ (Surrey Sound Records).

The Matt Smith Neu Jazz Trio formed in January 2013. Comprised of Matt Smith on drums, Ed Kornhauser (SDSU Jazz Ensemble) on piano, and Mack Leighton (Latin Jazz Quartet) on bass, the songs on their debut album Shorthanded are compositions of drummer/trombonist Smith, who wrote the music while pursuing and gaining a jazz trombone degree at California State University Fullerton.



Teaser, inspired by arena bands of the 1980s, is a female-fronted five-piece rock cover band that takes on the big rock sounds of the '80s mixed with more recent hits. According to the band, “It's not just the same old cover songs; it's music you haven't heard in a while. It's done right, all the way from the lead vocals and solid rhythms to very complex guitar solos.” The group includes singer Stephanie Robles, Jeff Williams on guitar, Kelly Jones on keyboards, Rick Kern on bass, and George Dowden on drums.

The band will appear at Spring Valley Inn on November 22, at Brick by Brick on November 24, and Ramona Mainstage Nightclub on November 30.

BlueFrog Band specializes in a variety of juke joint harmonica swing blues, rockabilly, classic rock, and funk mixed with original tunes. Frontman Patrick Ellis, a former Navy SEAL, performed in Germany from 1997 to 2000 with various local bands (including the Holy Rats, Sailer Brothers, Midnight Hour, Cherry Red, and the Box Cars) throughout Southern Germany.

In 2001 Ellis returned to San Diego and, with Alan Adamson, formed the original Bluefrog and Company, which served as the house band for downtown beer slingers Buffalo Joe's. The band, which has appeared on the NBC Good Morning Show, also includes Jackson Patrick (guitar), Billy Wear (drums), and Bob Ternansky (bass).

Ashen Earth

Ashen Earth

Ashen Earth (whose members are attempting epic beards of Duck Dynasty proportions) is a death metal band founded by Jeff Meredith and David Cox. Inspired by Swedish and Polish DM bands, the duo formed the group as an answer to the lack of European-inspired DM in the San Diego scene. Taking hints from bands like Bloodbath, Hypocrisy, Behemoth, Decapitated, and their kin, their melodically formulated (and frequently brutal) sound can be defined as both progressive and traditional. The duo enlisted like-minded players Bryant Furman, Pat Sissom, and John Cordes to complete their earsplitting ensemble.

A video for their song “False Revelation” can be viewed on their Database band page, as well as here.

Dunekat, based in University Heights, is a solo project by Colin Ingram. He released two EPs in October, and the song “Plug,” from the What Happened EP, is playable from the Dunekat band page and from here.

The Sidekicks were formed in 1997 in Coronado, currently consisting of Steve Williams (drums/percussion), Phil Higgins (guitar/vocals), and Seth Imming (bass/vocals). The group covers everything from the Beatles and Buddy Holly, Commodores and Ohio Players, Prince and Michael Jackson, to the currents by White Stripes, Kings of Leon, Radiohead, and Dave Matthews.

Rafael Reyes (Latin Lovers), a self-described “cholo goth” musician, first came to public notice with Baptism of Thieves, before moving on to the pop-goth trio Vampire, with guitarist Ian Dosland. Though he announced Vampire had split, the band subsequently booked more performances and appears to be still extant. Reyes' other band projects include Sons of the Moon with Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession), his solo project Nite Ritual (which includes local rapper Amer the Gamer), Prayers (with electronic artist Dave Parley of Latin Lovers), and Ermavip with Vampire guitarist Dosland.

Myron and friends

Myron and friends

Myron & the Kyniptionz is a five-man rock and blues band formed in 1998, when Myron Frame and Patrick Reynolds would get together and jam. Over the next several months, Myron wrote the lyrics to seven of the songs on their first Kyniptionz CD, entitled Fit.

The band began performing live in venues around San Diego, including local private parties, coffeehouses, dance clubs, and at the San Diego County Fair twice, and they appeared on local KUSI-TV.

The Kyniptionz' second CD Gypsy Blood was released in 2004. Their third CD, World on a String, was released in 2008. In 2011, bassist Jim Young was replaced by Ed Adams of the Amanda Waggener Band, though Adams was then replaced by Dale Cooper. The band has eight playable MP3s on their Local Music Database page.

Arm the Angels

Arm the Angels

Arm the Angels say “[We] offer a little AC/DC, some soaring nu-metal guitar work, and the advanced musicianship and complex arrangements of emo/pop-punk.” The group cut their rock 'n' roll teeth opening for acts like Against Me! and any number of Fat Wreck Chords bands. Drummer Adam Rapps - formerly of Pivit - is a big surf fan and lover of Taylor Steele surf movies whose music has accompanied videos showcasing surf stars Kelly Slater and local surfer/musician Rob Machado (who has performed with Pearl Jam, among others).

Before recording their debut CD Novus Ordo Seclorum, they played at local nightclubs such as 'Canes, Brick by Brick, and House of Blues. Radio stations 94.9, 91X and Rock 105.3 have regularly programmed their music.

Aimon, a witchhouse duo inspired by metal bands like Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Opeth, and Cannibal Corpse, just released their debut self-titled full-length, via Artoffact Records. The album features the song “Seraphim,” which places doom-filled electronic rhythms and male/female duet vocals atop of a squalling bed of atmospheric electronics. There are also three remixes of the same tune, including Bites' robo remake, Blush Response's thudding beat experiment, and Bombardier's static-soaked haze of textures. The record also includes a cover of Leonard Cohen's “Darkness.”

Saint Diego formed in 2013, founded by cousins Brian Vilven (bassist for Governor Drive) and Spencer Jensen, both former members of H.A. Perkins.

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