And the last Blockbuster rental is...

Oh, for the sweet irony of someone choosing Last Tango in Paris or The Last Temptation of Christ — two titles that Blockbuster refused to let sully its shelves in their original form, if at all — to stand forever as the chain's last official rental.

Two Blockbuster employees pose with the chain's last customer.

Two Blockbuster employees pose with the chain's last customer.

As reported Tuesday, the video rental monopoly that at its peak oversaw 9000 stores and over 60,000 employees has permanently rolled in the blue awning on all remaining 300 company-owned stores.

According to Blockbuster's Twitter account, the last DVD to go out the door was rented Saturday night at 11 p.m. in one of its Hawaii outlets.

Instead of irony, the last renter went for the obvious by choosing the feculent Seth Rogen stoner comedy, This is the End for the chain's swan song.

Rogen replied after favoring the tweet, "The last movie ever rented from a blockbuster was this is the end. In high school I would go hang out at blockbuster every day." Judging by his work, Rogen never ventured far from the new-releases shelf.

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What happens if you rented a video last Saturday night and just never took it back. They're out of business. Are they really going to come looking for you? If you were one day late, they could have you. The FBI, CIA, TSA, ICE, etc. ought to hire the Blockbuster collections people to find terrorists.

I thought the exact same thing, Ken, give or take the terrorist angle.

The stores may be closed, but that doesn't mean that a central headquarters isn't still operating. They could sell the rights to someone to go after late returns, and the collection agency/speculator might just find out that many people would pay for the DVD, just to get them off their backs, and avoid an "adverse" credit report posting.

Being older, I guessed that the movie rented was "The End" starring (and directed by) Burt Reynolds. This little-known film was one of Burt's best!

An affront to the Polish-American community!

Not buying it. Those opportunistic Hawaiians knew they'd be the last store to close ever... and if Seth Rogen never made a film called "This Is The End" (and boy, don't we wish he didn't?), they would have found a film title that served their purposes:

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