Former Chula Vista city manager not on the move

David Garcia, fired in 2010, opts out of Stockton gig

David Garcia
  • David Garcia

David Garcia, who was fired as city manager in Chula Vista (2008) and asked to resign from the same position in Corpus Christi (2003), was all set to take the job in bankrupt Stockton, but suddenly backed out and decided to stay in Coachella.

According to the Stockton Record, Garcia's appointment was to be announced November 5. A news release was sent out announcing the appointment, but the Stockton City Council didn't make the move, without explanation. The next day, Garcia said he was staying in Coachella.

According to the Record, Garcia got in trouble in Chula Vista for making internet searches that led to websites featuring scantily clad females. Garcia was paid a $170,000 settlement to avoid a lawsuit.

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Add yet another name to the South Bay wall of shame.

anniej: The money is north of Route 8 and the scandal is largely south of it. Best, Don Bauder

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