Lawyer suspended six months for multiple violations

Kenneth Matthew Cooke found culpable of 12 acts of misconduct

The State Bar of California has suspended Kenneth Matthew Cooke of San Diego for six months and until he makes restitution of money he owes clients.

According to the California Bar Journal, Cooke initially stipulated to 7 acts of misconduct stemming from his handling of bankruptcy matters, including failing to communicate with clients, return unearned fees, and perform legal services competently.

He was found culpable of 12 acts of misconduct in six client matters. He charged clients advanced fees but failed to provide legal services competently.

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I read about this somewhere else about 3 months ago. You're a little late to the party it seems.

danfogel: I suppose it's possible you read it here. I think the Reader is the only non-Bar local publication following these Bar actions. If so, I apologize. Best, Don Bauder

I searched the Reader website and this story has not appeared before. Cooke's discipline was first disclosed in the November 2013 California Bar Journal which was posted three days ago according to Google. No other media has covered this story. I am also outraged by this pathetic slap on the wrist. Cooke should have lost his license for life.

Burwell: You are an excellent researcher so I cannot argue with you. Possibly danfogel is thinking of someone with a similar name. And I agree with you: give the number of offenses, this was a very mild punishment. Best, Don Baudeer

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