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Real Women

Regarding your May 9 Reader cover photo (“We Spend Every Dime on Our Costumes”) — it’s good to see real women on the face of the Reader. Best cover ever. This is great!

Name Withheld
via voicemail

Less Classy, More Suggestive

After reading “We Spend Every Dime on Our Costumes” (May 9 cover story), I flashed on a woman at a library who likes to play dress-up in a Broadway musical type of way — definitely not burlesque, but like Carmen Miranda. If you know about fashion, how about Zandra Rhodes at 70 years+? She has many famous clients as well.

Does anyone remember Carnaby Street in London, England in the ’60s? Later it was a fashion mecca. Now the fashions seem like not very much thought went into them (to me, anyway). Maybe the word is less classy, more suggestive.

Julian Reid
via email

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