Rhymes to fight

Dizzy Order of MWC wanted to do the rap duel on the street.
  • Dizzy Order of MWC wanted to do the rap duel on the street.

During the May 3 “Hip-Hop vs. Punk” event at Tower Bar, there was no evidence of aggressive behavior as the punk bands (the Lumps, the Mice) battled hip-hop crews (First Power Crew, BDP and T) inside the Normal Heights bar. Outside was a different story.

Dizzy Order (Eric Woodard) is a veteran hip-hop artist who started organizing shows in the late ’90s at the now-closed Loft downtown, “and at cafés that don’t exist anymore.... I was the first one to do shows at the Yard three years ago.” The Yard is the name of a backyard venue at a home on 17th Street near downtown, where backyard hip-hop shows are thrown regularly.

Along with his longtime MC partner Rokon (Max Stone), Dizzy has revived a loose-knit crew of conscious rappers called MWC, who address topics such as Monsanto seeds and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Dizzy says there was tension brewing between MWC, a multi-ethnic crew, and a white rap group called First Power Crew. He says the tension was not race-based. It was over a beef with First Power MC Stunt Double Bob.

Stunt Double Bob wanted to take the rap battle onstage.

Stunt Double Bob wanted to take the rap battle onstage.

“Bob was getting personally aggressive to me at the Yard. So I made a rap: ‘What kind of name is Stunt Double Bob/ Sounds like a name in gay porn.’ We made that song and put it on the internet. He said on Facebook, ‘You guys are nobody. Why don’t you come to my show May 3 and we’ll battle it out onstage.’”

When they showed up, Dizzy says there were only five MWCs, and “they had, like, 50 people.”

Rokon says MWC only wanted to duel First Power guys on the street. “We wanted to settle things intellectually, using our rhymes to fight each other instead of our fists. But I got the impression they were afraid to battle us.”

The battling, says Rokon, became physical.

“The second we get there, this Bob character, who is six-feet-one and has orange hair and a beard, goes up to my wife who is video taping and says, ‘I heard of you, fuck you,’ and pushes the camera in her face. I felt like a witch doctor who was getting burned at the stake by 50 people who didn’t know what they were doing. It was like they were trying emulate the movie Warriors.”

Rokon admitted he knocked a cell phone/camera out of Bob’s hands because of what he earlier did to his wife, but that there was no damage to the phone.

“As we were leaving,” Rokon says, “Bob rushes the car, grabs the camera off her neck, takes the memory card out, and he slams it against my vehicle.”

The promoter of the event, Hugh Knight (DJ Unite), and a supporter of the First Power guys, says it was actually the MWC’s who “bum-rushed” the event. “They wanted to do an Eight Mile event outside, which wasn’t cool. They came to our show and were disrespectful. We would have let them onstage.”

Rokon says the video would prove that the First Power Crew were the ones who were out of hand.

Knight admits that First Power did get ahold of the memory card from the camera and destroyed it. “I didn’t want anyone to get their hands on it. It could have been disrespectful.”

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Mr Leighton, sorry to tell ya, but you got suckered into a faulty story. White rap group? Thats just the beginning. Fact check my friend...it may help. Good Day!

Cecee yo were not there if you did not see me

Dizzy, what are you talking about? Did I say that? Do yourself a favor and re -read what I wrote. While you're at it....re-read what you've written....you make no sense. Spellcheck.

STFU what kind of name is ceecee you sound like a old female english teacher checkin grammer on broken english.. are you a woman? if so you just should use your mouth for what its meant for... if your man you make no sense for you to act like a woman like that

For the record:

"Hugh Knight (DJ Unite), and a supporter of the First Power guys" -I've been a member of First Power Crew since 1995

"a white rap group called First Power Crew" -First Power is not an all white crew. In fact our top MC, ZeoHDeeH, is black.

"‘You guys are nobody. Why don’t you come to my show May 3 and we’ll battle it out onstage.’” -When Stuntdouble invited these guys to battle, they dissed Tower Bar and everyone that performs there. They refused the invitation, then showed up unannounced, without Dizzy.

“We wanted to settle things intellectually, using our rhymes to fight each other instead of our fists. But I got the impression they were afraid to battle us.” -Although Rokon claims that Stuntdouble was afraid to battle, I bore witness to him battling 3 people from MWC at once, by himself, on "the street", that evening.

-The author of this article never contacted Stuntdouble regarding this issue.

Mr. Leighton, the next time I want to whine about taking a loss, I'll cook up a juicy story for you so the rest of the city can see how badly I'm taking it.

Unite- First Power Crew- Peng One Forever

thank you for clearing this up because, you sir, are speaking the truth. the whole race card in this is ridiculous to be even brought up, aren't we past that now a days? this is a seriously biased article and is absolutely disgusting. Ask real cats in the SD hip hop scene about Max Stone and how he represents himself. this article is garbage.

The whole SD scene has something to say about the intoxicated therapist because I don't follow u marx and I'm dopest hustler on the planet with 100s of clients in reality ill run circles around all of you ... your flow is garbage and nobody ever heard of you... the article is not 100% true dizzy didn't revive mwc, dr max created it..but who cares he contributed and he my fam... but who gives a * about you ask real cats if they give a * about you cuz I don't and I'm one...everybody knows besides victims of propaganda ... u jump up to get beat down like bob keep it up ... time is up.. tic toc tic toc... we movin in now and taking over your city you will beg for forgiveness later be careful when you talk about me you don't know me and the I have nothing nice to say about your whole social justice warrior scene since I went in on ethix who was trying to shop me as a sighphur one replacement and saw how dumb all of you are I saw how he takes songs from a que of other people and adds a drum and calls it his hes wack as hell... u disgust me who are you

lol youre an outragous liar cowardly lion you didn't witness anything but a memory card you destroyed because it could be disrespectful you sat there on the phone begging me to wash this I'm going to destroy you ... I lost more respect for most of you later after you tried to wash what happened like CNN ... mike tappen is fake as hell... i saw him that day when i got off of bob when i was choking him on the street after I knocked him on his ass... where were you when I body slammed bob stuntdouble with my car keys and truck in middle of street with a fat kid trying to be cool burnt himself with a cigarette tryin to step to me my ex wife beat bob up scratched his face and bounced him off a staircase... everybody there was hella wack we proved it and you stole and destroyed our footage and have been selling a lie for half a decade to protect a crew nobody cares about... you are a cowardly lion I lost all respect for you in 10 minutes... you ran away like a she ra every time u got confronted about u tryin to play boss with our damaged and stolen property...hell with you im gonna hurt your feelings middle finger up to roundtable mcs... the sd scene doesn't like MWC because it was a machine that dissed everybody and we sent it right to your face at your show outside and called you out on camera because we didn't want to support your event you offered us a staged event to get you paid we dont work for you we came there to take it to your face... with poser like parker and the numberman doing psa for qualcom ... gtfo... all of you degrading MWC are fake Edward bernays style propagandist trying to sell a lie to protect your stupid scene.. Everything we ever did was doper than anything any of you have ever done ... this is first time I ever said anything and I'm just disgusted by everything I see here... how far people go to protect straight lies and frontin like everything is ok

Zeeoh Dee is white washed by a gay unicorn with dreads he might as well be considered a white

he try to disprespect my name to my face I told parker stfu and zeeoh shrunk when I step to him look at floor like a woman with 50 friends around still has no soul I have no respect for any of these marx what happened to san diego you guys are a disgrace I'm sad to say I was born and raised around you

lol unite you were emberessed by bobs rap and you told us that you guys aren't really rappers more of a high school fighting group--that's when silla and I were agreeing with you lol like your other propagandist brought up out of context... I have a firm feeling that is one main reason you wanted the footage deleted because you dissed first power crew yourself and admitted bob is wack

unite do you realize how fake your statement on this event was when you look at reality I now know you don't keep it real at all and you wanted the footage washed "I see how this could be disrespectful" because you dissed bob yourself

LOL Fisted Pussy Crew LIARS LEADER IS MEGA LIAR: "Although Rokon claims that Stuntdouble was afraid to battle (remark: he was he said MWC is here everybody get them for me i need help because they actually came after facebook exchanges scared when we rolled up and tried to get outside mob to combat us instead of battle you idiot), I bore witness to him battling 3 people from MWC at once" hahyahahahahahahahah no you didn't... you saw him and doug exchange verses after he pushed dizzy off the curb when dizzy walked up you also said he is not a rapper just a crew of old high school fighting students you compared your self to the warriors your stuck in a movie... neither dizzy nor I battled bob , doug and bob are the only ones who exchanged a verse your completely full of bs

The white rap group was a quote. Sorry if it was incorrect.

The rest of the story still stands. Dizzy and Rokon say they did not diss The Tower bar since they never went in. They say beef was with Stuntdouble Bob. The fact is, the video camera was destroyed, and DJ Unite had possession of the memory card, admitted it, and in fact sent out still images from that recording. The memory card was destroyed and not returned. Is any of this not correct?

you are hella wrong about how you potrayed dizzy order as creating MWC... that's ridiculous and you left a lot of facts out from our conversation but yeah there was other stuff goin on a show to promote so this your carreer and you don't specialize in true journalism just throwin your angle.. MWC was spawned off of a solo album I recorded with Ethix and group called SubDivided... I got into a beef with Ethix which spawned to Decimal, Edgar Isreal , Dapper Dan and all of them cant step to me so they want to erase me and all you cheerleaders helped I dissed sighphur one to his face in edgar israels recording session and the cowards deleted my verse.. my beef with the scene started with Ethix and Dapper Dan... and I started thinkin everyone is wack for example I have no respect for qualcom snapdragon commercial ....Dr Max Stone and the Mental Wellness Center the concept was spawned by a verse I recorded on shields up bitch in 2011 on my solo album after that I made it a group and a weapon ....you cant expect any publication to keep it 100 now a days or even half a decade ago ...everyone got alterior motives like unite the unicorn and friends lying and washing this whole article in troll comments

As Dizzy says, the truth about the whole night was on the video card. He says if you had not destroyed it, the night's events would be there for everyone to see.

My goodness, Ken, it looks like you may have actually gotten one fact correct. But that's about all. The memory card was, in fact, destroyed and not returned. As far as what was in the video, Dizzy wouldn't know because he wasn't there that night. I'm not even going to go into how wrong your story is. You, I, The First Power Crew and MWC know that the story you wrote isn't a true reflection of what went down that night. MWC is hurt because they got burned at their own game. And you, my dear, look like a chump writing articles that are not factually supported.

I was there Pulled Bob Off Rokan after He Got rushed

I didn't get rushed Dizzy how did you grab him if he was rushing at me?? makes no sense... I was walking towards bob and he was walking backwards swinging at me and missed 3 times no clear contact once he is bad shot cuz he was retarded after silla bounced him off the staircase maybe and scratched his face after I body slammed him i could have beat him hard there when i had him pinned to the ground but was compassionate and I let him go cuz everyone was crying he was turning red cuz I was strangling him... so then he get up silla bounce him off staircase and I rush him when he gets up he walks backwards swinging at me and missing he swung 3 times sloppy idiotic punches and misses each one except almost one but barely grazed my hair and didn't have a wound it was cute... and then you grabbed him and I told you to let him go once again I had him in position to hurt him... so since we let him go and had him twice in position ... what the hell is going on here this is the funniest load of bs ive seen in every direction ....

somebody have silla tell what happened she was biggest victim of all this unite tried to waive her off as problem cuz he has a warriors fantasy and think she is girl with the orphans from an old movie and dellusions of fpc gang is wack.. you guys broke her camera stole her footage and bob shoved her camera in her face I still want to see him get hit by a semi truck and unite has a vagina is fact

Dear Mr. stitchgiver. Dizzy says he was there. Dizzy and Rokon say everything was documented and their point is proved in the video. And you admit having it and then destroying it.....hmmmmmmm. Dizzy says he is going to respond on this blog later tonight, that he was but that he got there late. Rokon said that DJ Unite in fact contacted him, imploring him to not talk to the media about this event. I wonder why he would do that? I wonder why you would destroy the video? Unless of course, maybe that what MWC is saying is true. I suggest that MWC and First Power actually do get together for an official verbal battle at a venue. Tape it so everyone can see it on You Tube. We'll see if MWC is as good as they say they are and if stuntdouble bob is as verbally feeble as MWC says he is. How about it? It would clear the air.

Dear Mr. stitchgiver. Dizzy says he was there. Dizzy and Rokon say everything was documented and their point is proved in the video. And you admit having it and then destroying it.....hmmmmmmm. Dizzy says he is going to respond on this blog later tonight, that he was there but that he got there late. Rokon said that DJ Unite in fact contacted him, imploring him to not talk to the media about this event. I wonder why he would do that? I wonder why you would destroy the video? Unless of course, maybe that what MWC is saying is true. I suggest that MWC and First Power actually do get together for an official verbal battle at a venue. Tape it so everyone can see it on You Tube. We'll see if MWC is as good as they say they are and if stuntdouble bob is as verbally feeble as MWC says he is. How about it? It would clear the air.

1st all I was there showed up late but was right there for one of the so called battles . Was right there when Bob slapped camera out Silla's hand. If they had not destroyed the camera You would see that. If they had giben the memeorey card like they promised when they called me the next day Bob would have been just an idiot on the internet . Om the one who pulled bob of Rokan after the scuffle happen . I remember telling bob your beef is with me and right now i got you so give up lets go home . And home we went . Bob was right in front of my car when he slapped the camera. Bob half as battled all of mcw by stand in there face aggressively. If you put out the footage you would see that. Ken storey is about as on point from someone who stuck to facts.

First off, Dizzy, if anyone is looking like an idiot on the Internet, it's you. Second, you were not there for the first "battle" nor were you there for the commencement of "Operation Bum Rush" as your crew called it. I was there. I witnessed all of it. I also watched the video when Rokan and Silla try to make nice with Unite which includes Stuntdouble burning MWC. The only sense I can make of your wild recollection of the night is that you all are smoking DMT. Ken, your assumptions are all wrong. You know what they say when you assume, right? Well, in this case you're only making an ass of yourself. Especially when your assumptions are based on hearsay. I could tell you I'm a millionaire rocket scientist, does that make it true? Not hardly, but clearly you believe everything you're told. I assume this is an antagonistic ploy to get someone to produce the video. If that were to happen, it would be all bad news for your friends, the MWC. The video will show Silla approaching Stuntdouble, and shoving the camera in his face. It will also show Rokan accosting Stuntdouble and it will also show that they came to the show with the intent to catch FP off guard. As far as getting FP and MWC together to battle - that was attempted, but MWC declined the invitation. I wonder why hmmmmm...

good attempt to wash reality for Bob and False Power Crew didn't burn anything if that was true they wouldn't need you to tell a fake story and delete footage...lol bob spit one verse only unite doug and dizzy were there only doug and bob actually rapped and bob was lame as hell and doug wasn't doin his best either ... Unite was crying the whole time... in fact when we drove back before the actual fight broke out because all ish you talking about is washin the footage there is no recording of what happened after your friends or maybe they dont like you and your a happy cheerleader.. broke the camera and all of you are lying... bob pushed dizzy of the curb when dizzy approached and doug started rapping I didn't even rap doug and bob were equally bad that day ... we only declined to be part of their hip hop verses punk show we called them out to public battle often... you wanna know why ?We don't get paid to perform there and we don't want to support your venue so I don't give my skills pay me if you want a battle on stage otherwise we doin it outside fool... you so fing dumb if you really watch the footage why you think its called mc bomb rush we called it "Showcrashers" your really full of ish u have your head in your ass

StitchGiver instead of SpitSicker? You don't speak for MWC sparrow! MWC would never assault a woman take her camera and smash it at the ground and steal her property to play a cat and mouse game, and then use personal family photos found on the disk as leverage to not talk about it. You think thats a victory that is what the clinic refer to as "cowardly lion" syndrome. If you actually believe that Dizzy wasn't there then you get the "Dumbest Marx" award. You are a chump trying to spin reality in defense of a coward that assaults woman to protect his image,damages their property and destroys and/or steals/obstructs evidence, violates intellectual property rights of MWC by unauthorized private broadcasting of MWC Property. Some of this is very similar to what a crooked cop would do when you film the truth. The only one who came out of that situation with visible bruises was Silla Tru. Bruises on her arm, neck (the camera landyard was around her neck she was in the passengers seat, it was yanked from the vehicle off her neck). Department 9 all day everyday what else do you expect. You can find several videos on YouTube of police officers breaking cameras. Theres not a single time they did it to win a game. They did it because they were scared of their own stupidity. The only thing that isn't a true reflection, for the record, is you spinning.

What were you drinking or thinking, Ken? The Tower Bar on University Avenue is not in Normal Heights. You got your Heights mixed up; it's in City Heights.

Have a few questions for ken. Alls I'm seeing is dizzy said , dizzy said, dizzy said. Did you bother contacting the bar? Security? Other members of first power? You wrote an extremely biased article based off the two guys who from what I hear got punked. Now they say a memory card that they think is destroyed will clear them. Very convienent. Fact is myself and several other people saw the thread where bob challenged him on facebook and dizzy declined. Try doing a little investigating before you print things about guys hitting girls and bum rushing people. Maybe investigate some more instead of printing this. Btw this beef was pretty small and could've been handled with out press interference, it's really ridiculously biased and not the story I was told by several people not affiliated with either crew

nobody got punked but you by believing a bunch fraud and propaganda... I'm the source of the story and my exwife was the real victim I was never accurately reperesented... justice was never served... this article was to help ken outshine a city beat article and help promote a mitchy slick show ... what are you talking about your full of !!!!! dizzy stepped to bob pulled right up to the side by all his friends.. Unite took the battle out of public eye because he was emberessed by it... there is nothing small about breaking property beating women or stealing footage of your friends versus us if all of you liars are so confident in your accusations when I talked to unite on the phone why didn't he just give me my stolen footage back u marx I hope someone puts your head on a pole in their lawn

the camera that a women was recording a video documentary of rap battles live that we brought and made happen was snatched from the truck window passenger side memory card stolen and 400 camera broke on side of truck this is why bob stuntdouble was body slammed and almost choked to death by me but I snapped out of it when a bitch screamed he cant breathe let him go

The bar had nothing to do with it. Dizzy declined to battle Bob inside Tower but wanted to do it outside. Right or wrong, that's what they were there to do. The article also quoted Rokon and DJ Unite who admitted he had possession of the card and who admitted he destroyed it. Did you miss that? Here's what we know for sure: The First Power people say that Dizzy was not even there. Wrong. Rokon's wife was taping the whole scene, the camera was taken from her and broken. The First Power people got possession of the recording card. The FP people viewed the card (which incidentally also had footage of Rokon's children) and then admittedly destroyed it. Here's the big question Scoops: Why would FP destroy the memory card unless it supported MWC's claims? Smells a little fishy don't ya think? You say there is "press interference." Just who is interfering with whom? I think breaking someone's camera and stealing someone's memory card is pretty "interfering." Both Unite and now you Scoops would much rather this article never happen in the first place. Wonder why. The article also included the fact that Rokon admitted slapping Bob's phone out of his hand. As I said before, why not pick a venue somewhere in your area (The Yard or The Tower on a night they don't have anything else booked) and instead of doing a guerilla battle which MWC tried to stage, make it official and peaceful, and video it so we can all see if MWC is as good as they claim and if stuntdouble Bob is as lame with a mic as Dizzy claims. Dizzy's opinion may be wrong. But I say he has a right to prove it. I'd been some TV news crew would show up.

This is to stupid for words. Believe what you want ken . I'm out

he is right we told them the hell with your show on facebook we will meet you in public we had already dissed bob to his face in golden hills by the liquor store

I admitted everything they cut out what actually happened to protect the scene and throw me under the bus like they always do but I had more nutts and supports than anyone there and nobody fought but max and silla tru and bob dizzy did grab bob when he was walkin backwards and gave me option to punch him but I didn't think was fair and said let him go and we bounced we didn't realize till later that bob took the memory card ... bobs raps were so damn lame I don't blame them for destroying it... I was too mad to rap I was already wanting to fight when smaked phone out of his hand when he broke camera I lost it

As you wish. You said you had a few questions for Ken. I think I answered them.

You really didn't. It's a hack piece that is almost as low as tmz. But this is not worth my time. Good luck, hope your next story is better. Once again I'm out

This article is about 50% true and actually was pretty nice to first power crew... reality was much worse than this article depicts and what really happened none of you will really talk about

In summary a facebook beef escalated to a public challenge of battle where we had a camera and challenged all haters in person... Unite quickly tried to wash this and pull us to the side after we started dissing all his friends and supporters outside... he took us to back of tower bar invited bob but I was already mad at bob because he shoved sillas camera into her face when she was recording what was happening few minutes before... I wanted to fight at that point I didn't want to rap... so by time we got to the side I smaked bobs phone out of his hand then bob was complainin dizzy didn't show up and dizzy showed up and then bob pushed dizzy and him and doug exchanged basic verses... after that we walked back to where we had parked but dizzy car was parked by the venue so because there were several upset people I roll with him to his car and drive him to his car.doug didn't want to go back he felt there was too many people against him so dizzy max and silla went back.. silla was in passenger window and yelled out at bob that he hits women and she got him on tape attacking her he rushed the truck snatched camera off her neck jacked memory card and broke it against my truck this caused the fight to break out and none of that is in the footage we are talking about.. the footage in question was over after he destroyed the camera... in the end only bob and silla got physically hurt... and unite hurt his own feeling by dissing his own friend... that's real reason he washed footage not because of some battle its because of his own remarks

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