Biker Babes in North Park

Confession: I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle. My husband has one—an old Suzuki street bike that he bought for $500. Before he bought it, I rattled off a million reasons why it was a terrible idea. He insisted that it would save us a ton of cash on gas. When he came home with it, I thanked him for having life insurance because clearly we would now need it.

Two days later he took me for a spin on the back. I am now hooked. I just wish riding a motorcycle didn't entail such horrific fashion choices for women. Lady bikers Katie Carney (on the left) and Amanda Morrill (right) agree completely.

Lady bikers Katie Carney (on the left) and Amanda Morrill (right)

Lady bikers Katie Carney (on the left) and Amanda Morrill (right)

"Biker clothes are pretty cheesy and tacky. Harley Davidson is the worst," Carney said.

Added Morrill, “Most of the biker stuff for women is really manly."

Morrill wore a pair of biker boots from Cyclegear paired with salmon colored cords from Anthropologie. Morrill is a make-up artist for Mac.

When asked how men react to their motorcycles, Morrill said that the guys that don't ride are usually intimated by her mode of transportation.

"This is such a big part of lives that we usually only date other bikers," added Carney.

Carney wore a Forever 21 vest. She is a hairstylist at Lab Salon Lab Salon in North Park.

Carney rides a Harley Softail Slim. It retails at around $16,000. Morrill owns a Honda Shadow Spirit 750. It costs around $8,000.

"I'd like to own a Harley at some point," Morrill said.

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