Tijuana nightclub shooting occurs in broad daylight

Street-level drug dealers reportedly involved

Malquerida nightclub in Tijuana's Zona Norte
  • Malquerida nightclub in Tijuana's Zona Norte

A suspected drug dealer was shot to death in a Zona Norte nightclub on Friday, May 3, at around half past noon.

The bar, named Malquerida ("bad girlfriend"), on the corner of Constitución and Callejon Coahuila, is across the street from a police substation. According to police conjecture, the shooting was the result of a quarrel between a couple of drug dealers.

Tijuana’s daily El Mexicano used the term “narcomenudear” in reference to the men, indicating that they were allegedly involved with drug sales at the retail or street level.

Reportedly, the victim walked into the club and took a seat. Shortly after settling in, two others arrived, an argument ensued, a gun was pulled, and the first-arrived was shot to death. Someone else in the club was hit by stray gunfire and reports are unclear as to the victim’s connection to the persons involved in the shooting.

The dead man was indentified as 26-year-old Adrian Salinas. Police captured one of the suspects (the purported shooter) at a Zona Norte hotel. The second party, accompanying the shooter, was also reportedly captured in the area.

Sources: El Mexicano, Frontera    

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Ah, yes. This is why I don't go there anymore. It was great back in the 60s and 70s, but since then it has gone downhill fast. My mom used to have a house in Rosarito back in the day, and we spent most weekends down there. Haven't been to Mexico in over 20 years now, and have no desire to go anymore. I love the smell of urine in the morning, smells like poverty...lol.

You love the smell of urine in the morning? Ever been to the area near Petco Park--at any time of the day? Does that smell like poverty as well?

Why in God's green earth would I go to that area? I just got sick of all the crap that was going on down there in TJ., and farther south. Got tired of being pulled over and having to hand over money for something I did not do. There really is nothing we, or I, need down there.

I like going down there for the excitement of being in another country, another culture. As I'm not a drug dealer, user, or smuggler... and because I'm too poor to be a kidnapping target, I feel pretty safe. And I've never been pulled over in many trips.

A "nightclub" is open at half-past noon? I'd say it's no nightclub, just a neighborhood dive. We have plenty of those in the US, but nobody--and I mean nobody--does a dive like those in Mexico, and TJ is ground zero for them.

Clearly, Mexico needs gun control! They must have allowed the NRA to take over their government!

If anyone wants to see weirdos and you don't even have to leave your own country, just ride the San Diego Trolley after dark thru the Orange Line and you'll think you are in a third world country right in the good ole U.S. Americans conveniently forget that the reason there is so much drug activity at the border is due to the U.S. being the largest consumer of legal/illegal drugs in the world but Americans conveniently overlook that every time they start talking about Mexico and drugs. So perhaps you people should do something about the ridiculous drug consumption here in the U.S. before pointing the finger at any other country. The U.S. seems to have an obsessive-compulsive behavior when it comes to everything including drugs, overeating, alcohol consumption and the list goes on and on.

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