Motorhome rescued by backhoe in Point Loma

“Angel in steel” appears on Nipoma Street

A broken-down motorhome was fortunate to receive the aid of a backhoe from a nearby construction project during the morning hours of Wednesday, May 1.

The Fleetwood Tioga conked out and blocked the road along the 2600 block of Poinsettia Drive. Traffic backed up on both sides, and parents and kids heading for nearby Point Loma High School were delayed a bit.

Soon, coming up from Nipoma Street, a dusty backhoe appeared and went around the backside of the behemoth. The backhoe driver gave the RV a prod or two so it could be gently glided into a parking spot on Nipoma Street.

The driver got out of the RV after carefully parking it with its wheels cramped to the curb (Nipoma is steep on that block). Wiping his brow, he said that the backhoe was "an angel in steel" for coming to his rescue in the nick of time.

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