Alleged renegade in Jeep crashes cars on Sunset Cliffs

Stolen car tips over in street

The dangers of parking your car on a busy street became clear to some Ocean Beach residents who were woken up at around 1:30 a.m. on Friday, March 22, by the sound of crashing metal.

The 1600 block of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard looked like a demolition derby after the driver of an allegedly stolen Jeep lost control while heading toward Sunset Cliffs. The Jeep careened into several parked cars, finally coming to rest sideways in the street. The driver reportedly ran off with a female and escaped.

"Witnesses told police that they came outside after hearing a loud crash and saw several damaged parked cars and a Jeep Cherokee on its side in the middle of the street," Fox 5 News said.

I called a friend of mine who lives around the corner from the crash on Santa Cruz Avenue. She told me she “did not hear a thing" but has always been afraid to park her car on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard due to the traffic.

Early Friday morning, I visited the scene and discovered most of the wreckage had been cleared away except for a badly damaged Honda; pieces of the car still littered the side of the street.

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So, if this creep is ever caught and brought to trial, how many dopes will be weeping, "Oh, we can't send him to prison, that isn't fair, this is only mere possessions"? Eff that. Theft IS a crime of violence. All of these people are going to be out of pocket to fix their cars, either in cash, deductibles, and/or higher premiums. The amount of their life it took to earn that much money has been taken from them. Send thieves to prison for a LONG time. If we need to make room, let out the prostitutes, gamblers, and those who are there solely for using drugs.

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