Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience

“Timbalake” is back! From the opening seconds of “Pusher Love Girl,” you can sense a new brand of swag. Luscious strings, sick beats, filthy vocals. It’s 9:23 a.m. and “Don’t Hold the Wall” is grooving so hard that I feel bad for holding the wall. “Spaceship Coupe” combines vintage soul with a cosmic twist. “Mirrors” cuts deepest. I felt emotion. The melody is haunting and the message pure. All in all J.T. is running at about 36 u.h.p.m. (unbelievable hooks per minute).

20/20 is a 70-minute masterpiece. Seventy minutes! Ten tracks! A pop album averaging seven minutes per track is absurd. That's why it's NOT a pop album. It’s a soul record. What kind of soul? The better question is "Whose soul?"

This album fuses sensibilities from every genre popular music has to offer, but it also lets you into the soul of a man. A soul that has come a long way since dating Britney. He’s not just talented and relevant, he dares us to let him let us in and just groove along with him. I can’t see without my contacts in, but my foresight for pop music is 20/20.

  • Album: The 20/20 Experience
  • Artist: Justin Timberlake
  • Label: WEG, RCA
  • Songs: (1) Pusher Love Girl, (2) Suit & Tie, (3) Don't Hold the Wall, (4) Strawberry Bubblegum, (5) Tunnel Vision, (6) Spaceship Coupe, (7) That Girl, (8) Let the Groove Get In, (9) Mirrors, (10) Blue Ocean Floor

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I like JT because he seems like a nice guy and is multi-talented, dancer, singer, actor. He is a twenty first century version of past song and dance men Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. And like them, he's got more charisma and likeability then he does a great singing voice. But as a package with the dancing and acting and looks, he's a star. But this album, where he has to rely on his falsetto, girly, voice is like a blockbuster movie with great special effects and no substance. Every song seems like it depends on all kinds of studio background tricks, voices, sounds etc. I just don't get the hype on this album. Even with the same type of voice, Michael Jackson could carry an album without all the studio special effects, and just good songs. I don't know if JT can? Certainly not on this album.

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