Theft of Coachella tickets at 91X prompts plea

Radio station warns they’ll call cops

Josh Hammond, director of promotions and marketing at 91X, took to the station’s Facebook and Twitter pages on Friday, March 15, to put out the alert that "we have a serious problem." He posted an email sent to 91X employees and pleaded for help in getting the station "out of a serious pickle."

It is believed by Hammond that someone pilfered four Coachella tickets and a camping pass from the radio station at 6160 Cornerstone Court East in Mira Mesa.

Hammond stated, in an open letter posted on the station's Facebook page, that he would prefer not to involve the police and would give the thief/thieves until today, March 18, to return the items.

Hammond is particularly concerned about the situation because the popular April shows in Indio are sold out and the stolen tickets and camping pass have allegedly been promised to listeners as part of on-air prize packages.

A commenter on 91X's Facebook page noted that listeners can figure out who might have stolen the loot: if an on-air personality suddenly disappears off the air in the coming days, chances are that's the employee who "borrowed the merchandise."

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That's a shame. I looked into Coachella tickets earlier this year and they were already sold out; forget about the hundreds of dollars they cost. I hope they find the tickets soon.

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