Fourth district triage

Out-of-town special interests are scrambling to influence the race for Councilman Tony Young’s fourth district seat.
  • Out-of-town special interests are scrambling to influence the race for Councilman Tony Young’s fourth district seat.

The race to replace ex–city councilman Tony Young in the Fourth District is being fed by a raft of out-of-town special interests. According to recent disclosures, “Californians for Quality Paramedic Services, Sponsored by Rural/Metro Corporation” has so far come up with $822 worth of “design costs” and “data” for a mailer on behalf of Democrat Dwayne Crenshaw. The Scottsdale, Arizona-based firm, whose current paramedic contract with the city expires on June 13, 2013, is competing against a host of other paramedic providers for a new deal. Two years ago it was savaged by a city audit…. San Diego State University, whose relationship with the neighborhood surrounding the sprawling and ever-growing campus has long been rocky, is in the market for a director of Government and Community Relations. Among other responsibilities, the new hire, says a help-wanted posting, will be expected to “Build and develop SDSU’s relationships with neighbors and community leaders. Share regular updates on important issues and major university expansion projects. Attend community meetings as SDSU’s representative, delivering updates and building support for key initiatives.” Also: “Develop and maintain strong relationships with local government and community leaders to advance SDSU’s strategic priorities including setting up meetings for the university president and other university leaders.” No salary range is given.

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of course I just spent thirty minutes to be able to comment, as upper-case does not show on passwords. The only part in your tweet, Matt, not in the article is about special-election cash. However, from a Catholic free paper which only could contribute to San Diego's crime-and-poverty status as a purveyor of everyrthing in vices, it is hard for me to watch some entity like the Fourth District morph into a threat. It's a housing game, just like the one we just had. San Francisco is an audible threat, in the Tenderloin, in North Beach, and in 1853.

Not since then does a word such as "ridden" apply here. Ask any cop. He will tell you to walk around at night, and the cops will shoot enough people so that it is safe. The cop shooting range is in the Fourth District. That's alcoholic-politician ridden, so Tony Young got out before cirrhosis killed him like it killed his Doppleganger, his predescessor, who was 35.

Matt, this is MOSTLY poor, with rich enclaves of elite and insane murdering carpetbaggers, Jack.

You would get shanghaid in 'Frisco.

Charles Lewis III, involved when Dago was hooking Vegas; now it is after Phoenix. La Jolla is the one rife with corruption, you literary prince.

How incredibly basic for one percent of a trillion dollars of cake turned into a cupcake of lump-sum, now burdens the ape's brow with the corresponding sub-cupcake pony cash to continue to evade, invade and resist the pandemic of struggling red nakedness.

a spoil system (also known as a patronage system) is a practice where a political party, after winning an election, gives government jobs to its voters as a reward.


Invented after Andrew Jackson's speech, our Andrew Jackson Post Office is at 63rd and El Cajon. Is that close enough to the trap "4th District"?

If we all show up in New York, and we are from the Edsel Ford High School, how far do you suppose we traveled in league(s)?

We are going to use your own State apparatus against you. Pray and save.

From St. Louis westward is the West. It was opened up as a mining region, but mining is bad luck and requires one to forego natural things. It wends down such that the enemy keeping earth's resources bound and hidden in the third dimension required the removal of morality and its ugly replacement by a skin of disreputable persons.

After reading the three previous posts as carefully as I could, all I can ask is what he/she is trying to say. Sorry, but your comments are almost totally unintelligible. Anyone want to try to translate those into English? Or is this "commenting under the influence of . . . " something?

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