Multitasking is Maria Hart's shortcut

Maria Hart’s BMW X5 “is not as comfortable as my Explorer.”  And she hates driving downtown.
  • Maria Hart’s BMW X5 “is not as comfortable as my Explorer.” And she hates driving downtown.

Name: Maria Hart

Car: BMW X5

How do you like driving your car? I like it. It’s not as comfortable as my Explorer, believe it or not. The seat is not as comfortable. I like it, but BMWs are very high maintenance and costly to fix.

Do you listen to anything while you drive? Yes, talk radio. Which is usually Christian radio now because Dr. Laura went to satellite radio. Which was fine, because I found some really great Christian radio stations.

What’s your favorite drive in San Diego? I don’t like to drive anywhere! I rarely leave San Carlos. But if I were to, let’s say, maybe up the 8, heading toward the casino, east.

Where’s your least favorite drive? Downtown. By far.

Where do you encounter the worst traffic? On the freeway. Since I rarely have to go on the freeway, I’d have to say, probably the 5 north...say, up to the Orange County area.

What’s your commute like? I don’t have to commute very far because all of my jobs are right around here. Well, I take that back: Lakeside. I suppose Lakeside is the farthest I ever have to go.

How would you compare driving in San Diego to driving in other cities? I have driven in other cities. I used to live in Vancouver, Washington — that was pretty rural. There were two lanes on the highway; nothing like here in San Diego. And I also lived in L.A. County, so that was crazy. How would I compare it? I feel like San Diego is one big circle. Especially a lot of the roads in San Carlos: they loop, they turn, they curve. I’ve never been in a town where the streets curve. Usually they’re straight. Like, if you’re going to go north, you’re going to stay going north. A lot of these streets are curving.

What is your favorite shortcut? If I were going somewhere, I would put the address in my GPS and go where it tells me. If there’s a better shortcut than that, I don’t know about it.

Do you have a “real-life” shortcut? Well, I do a lot of things at the same time. If I’m doing laundry, I’m also cooking, maybe answering email. Multi-tasking is my shortcut.

Also, if I need to wash my hair and I don’t have time, sometimes I’ll wash just my bangs and the top section. You know, I’ll pull everything back and just shampoo and condition and blow-dry the top portion, and then your bangs are all fresh, but the rest of it you don’t touch!

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