The unmaking and making of Roger Hedgecock

Will Hedgecock pivot?

Once a left-leaner, Roger Hedgecock has made millions with right-wing talk radio.
  • Once a left-leaner, Roger Hedgecock has made millions with right-wing talk radio.

Whether you love or hate former mayor Roger Hedgecock’s assaults on immigration policy, gun control, environmentalism, and other positions espoused by moderates and liberals, you have to admit the guy is successful.

His San Diego residence is worth $1.78 million, and he has a home near Las Vegas for which he paid almost $500,000. He has valuable real estate investments in Nevada. He may gross about $600,000 a year, and possibly more.

Few realize it, but Hedgecock makes a big slug of money from a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization in Arlington, Virginia, the American Studies Center. It calls itself a “non-partisan educational organization” but boasts of being “a voice for American conservatives” through a division, Radio America, that syndicates Hedgecock’s radio show. You may cock an eyebrow at this, but advocacy groups of both the left and right are 501(c)(3) nonprofits with a so-called educational mission; under the Internal Revenue Code, they are prohibited from directly or indirectly participating or intervening in a political campaign, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a lot of ideological noise.

Rush Limbaugh no longer asks Hedgecock to substitute host.

Rush Limbaugh no longer asks Hedgecock to substitute host.

For example, in the past, Radio America has had in its stable such conservative darlings as G. Gordon Liddy, the chief operator of the White House Plumbers during the Watergate scandal; Oliver North, an arms peddler in the Iran-Contra affair during the Reagan administration; Alan Keyes, who ran three times both for president and the U.S. Senate; and Michael Reagan, adopted son of Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman. When Michael Reagan couldn’t cut the mustard, Hedgecock stepped in.

A 501(c)(3) organization has to file a 990 report annually with the Internal Revenue Service. The 2009 filing for American Studies Center shows it paid Worldwide Community Forum, 2656 Bayside Walk, San Diego, $300,000. Hedgecock heads Worldwide and lives at that address. In 2010, the sum jumped to $300,150, and in 2011, it was up to $345,729. The 2012 information is not yet available.

Now Hedgecock is the sole conservative radio host on Radio America. The other hosts chat about such topics as popular science, hot rods, gardening, and parenting. There are a couple of shows about investing — one by San Diego financial planning guru Ray Lucia.

The Federal Communications Commission once had a Fairness Doctrine; a station was required to give airtime to someone who wanted to counter an opinion stated on the air. That was effectively jettisoned in 1985 and officially tossed out in 1987 — perfect for Hedgecock’s timing. He had been convicted of getting illegal campaign donations from the infamous J. David Dominelli Ponzi scheme; most of the charges were thrown out on appeal, and Hedgecock pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor that was erased. But he had to leave office in late 1985. Four days after resigning, he became a talk-show host on KSDO.

Suddenly, Hedgecock’s ideology changed completely. As a law student in the late 1960s, he had worked with the Sierra Club. As lawyer for Del Mar, he had been an aggressive environmentalist. As San Diego mayor, he had railed against Los Angelization and real estate developers, and he attracted a base of minorities. Once on the air, he attacked those he had courted. From KSDO, Hedgecock moved to KOGO, owned by Clear Channel Communications, which was sinking financially and slashing costs. Jimmy Valentine, who was Hedgecock’s producer for 15 years, believes that Clear Channel was not paying Hedgecock beyond his Radio America wages, although it was paying his staff.

KFMB was then getting disenchanted with talk-show host Rick Roberts. Valentine believes Hedgecock convinced KFMB to pay him what it was paying Roberts, in addition to the Radio America pay. Hedgecock kissed KOGO good-bye at year-end 2011 and began his show at KFMB. During 2011, “Papa” Doug Manchester bought the Union-Tribune and Hedgecock came aboard with a TV show on U-T TV and also commentaries for the editorial page. I asked John Lynch, chief executive of the U-T, if Hedgecock’s Radio America remuneration influenced what the newspaper pays him. “We pay him his fees based on his national and local history of appeal,” says Lynch.

“[Hedgecock] and Manchester go way back,” says Valentine. “Their politics are exactly the same.”

Talkers magazine estimates that Hedgecock has a weekly audience of at least 1 million, compared with Rush Limbaugh’s 14.75 million, Sean Hannity’s 14 million, and Glenn Beck’s 8.25 million. “Hedgecock is a good, solid performer, but not in the category of Limbaugh, not in the upper 10 percent,” says Michael Harrison, publisher of the magazine. Last year, Hedgecock was rated 32nd in the magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” list of top talk-show hosts.

In 2003, Limbaugh revealed that he had drug problems and during following periods was sometimes off the air. Hedgecock flew to New York and auditioned to become an occasional pinch-hitter for Limbaugh. Initially, it went well: Hedgecock often got the assignment. Laudatory emails flooded in. “That went to Roger’s head,” says Valentine. Hedgecock launched his own Saturday syndicated talk show without telling Limbaugh. “That pissed Rush off,” remembers Valentine. “We never again did another show” as Limbaugh’s substitute.

With money flowing in from the American Studies Center, U-T San Diego, and presumably KFMB, Hedgecock is doing well, especially since he also brings in cash from local endorsements and speeches (an estimated $1500 to $3000 a gig). Real estate should bring fat income, too.

But will it last? Fox TV, reading the election tea leaves, is telling its commentators to soften their approach. Valentine says the “birth certificate shit, the Muslim shit, the Obama socialist shit” doesn’t fly anymore. Conservative hosts “are talking to a diminishing audience. Old white guys are getting older. Young white guys are not buying into this crap.”

Harrison of Talkers magazine isn’t so sure. He says talk hosts’ popularity “has more to do with how entertaining and compelling the hosts are” than with their political viewpoint.

Hedgecock is now 66. Having made one 180-degree flip, he can certainly modify his approach. “This is not a stupid duck,” says Valentine. “He works like a horse.”

Hedgecock, his producer, Radio America, KOGO, and KFMB did not respond to queries.

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"Hedgecock makes a big slug of money from a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization in Arlington,"

seems like thats one of his topics he has to complain about others doing.

Murphyjunk: What you say is possible, and not surprising. The only times I have heard Hedgecock's show is when I was on it, and that was possibly twice. I did hear a few minutes of his show pinch-hitting for Limbaugh because it was on the radio in a shoestore I was browsing in. I did hear him a few times when we were on KUSI together in the early 1990s, in different time slots. But I do know his views, of course. I could not determine whether the contract with the nonprofit has been renewed, since 2012 data are not out, and the station wouldn't talk with me. Other sources didn't know. It appears from promotional material that Radio America is reasonably happy with him. Best, Don Bauder

In the early days of his local show, callers would come on the show and point out inconsistencies with his stance and things he had advocated in his political days as a county supervisor and mayor. He always had a pat answer, and that was that he had not changed, conditions had.

In the mid-90's he actually was considering sending his son to the UC, and I recall that he did. Why would he do that, when in the world according to Roger, the UC didn't educate but rather indoctrinated, etc., etc? Maybe the kid wanted to go there and follow in dad's footsteps, and maybe he didn't want to pay for a private university. But that sure was inconsistent behavior, yet Rog never admits to anything inconsistent.

Visduh: The answer he gave was completely misleading. Hedgecock's 180 degree turn came in a few days, unless he was converting while he was being tried in the two criminal cases (one was hung 11-1 for conviction; the second was 12-0 for conviction.) Just as he was forced to leave office, conservative talk radio was taking off. That's where the money was. That's where he went. Best, Don Bauder

What is your take on him leaving his talk show? Semi-retirement?

Don Bauder This is a very interesting story. It seems like it was only 2 or 3 weeks ago, actually it was only 2 or 3 weeks ago, that you seemed at the very least to question his success as an AM radio host. Your exact words I believe were " Is Roger really that successful now?" You also seemed to be in disbelief that he could be making $300k from Radio America. In fact, when I wrote that he had gone in to syndication with Radio America in 2009 and signed a contract worth $300k per year, you appeared to be at the very least skeptical as evidenced in your statement "tomjohnston: 2009 was a long time ago, especially for radio." Apparently, you even questioned my claim that he was still on Radio America when you said you would be "checking all this out". Well, I it seems that you have indeed "checked it all out". And ya know, it appears that sometimes when some of us comment, we do actually know what we are talking about. BTW, I don't have any info on Hedgecock's current contract either. However, as much as I hate the word assume, I think it would be safe to assume that since Hedgecock was on today, 3-6-13, that he has indeed made some kind of arrangement for remuneration with Radio America.

tomjohnston: I still question his success when compared with Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and the other real aces of hate radio. Remember, he is only 32nd among the top 100 talk show hosts. So he is no smash hit, but he does very well financially. The paper edition of the Reader has a meaningful chart on talk radio hosts. I, too, think he still has a contract with Radio America, or, actually, with its nonprofit parent. When I said I would be "checking all this out" I meant to hint that I was already working on this column, but didn't want to reveal more of my hand. But I bow to your prescience. Best, Don Bauder

Don, Bauder, Whatever you say. Your sarcasm leaves me underwhelmed. I suppose "meaningful" is just as subjective as successful. I usually read the digital edition and don't recall such a chart in last weeks issue. However, it's entirely probable that I missed it amongst all of the fake boobs, sculpted butts and unnaturally white teeth adverts.

tomjohnston: The chart appears in tomorrow's (March 7) print edition. Much of the information in the chart -- the estimated audiences of Limbaugh, Hannity, Hedgecock and several others -- is in the online edition today, but not in chart form. I didn't mean to be sarcastic. When you initially told me about the $300,000, I was skeptical. After I did my research, I no longer was. That's how research goes, as I am sure you know. Hedgecock is successful financially, but he is far from the top rung among conservative radio talk show hosts. Here is some info that isn't in tomorrow's chart; With one million weekly listeners, Hedgecock is tied with Warren Ballentine, Dr. Joy Browne, Gordon Deal, Bill Handel, Eric Harley & Gary McNamara, and Al Sharpton. I have never heard of any of them except Sharpton. Ahead of Hedgecock and his confreres at one million are 30 talk radio hosts -- mostly conservative, although some not politically-oriented. Best, Don Bauder
As of right now, the digital edition is still last weeks', Feb. 28th. I imagine the above link is the origin of the list. Though I don't listen very little to talk radio, I am familiar with more half of those from the above link and must admit that I find myself somewhat surprised that you are not. One million plus listeners per week may not seem like much when compared to Limbaugh or Hannity; that wasn't the point of my original comments in the other column. It was that in 2009, he was making $300k in syndication on Radio America and that 4 yrs later he was still popular successful enough to remain in syndication on Radio America. Nothing else was implied. Not that he was a "smash hit", more successful than the gas bags you mentioned, nor anything else. Simply that he was making $300k in syndication in 2009 and 4 yrs later was still in syndication. One final though. While $300k is a nice chunk of change, when compared to what some of the others make, it wouldn't exactly call it a "big slug of money ". By comparison, Rush Gasbag, whose audience is some 13x that of Hedgecock, makes $38million per year, not including his $100millon "signing bonus", more than 126 times Hedgecock's $300k big slug-o-money. So is the Gasbag over compensated or is Hedgecock under compensated. I guess that depends upon ones pov.

tomjohnston: I estimated, based on Radio America, U-T, KFMB, speeches, paid testimonials, and income from real estate projects in which he is a partner, that he grosses about $600,000 a year. That's nothing next to Limbaugh, but it's a lot better than San Diegans' personal income per capita of around $50,000. Best, Don Bauder

That's what I've said, if you look at Hedgecock's run in San Diego alone (prior to syndication) from KSDO to KOGO to KFMB, in a major market like ours, you cannot argue with his $uccess. And the recent revelations about former Mayor O'Connor's gambling and siphoning off funds from a non-profit follies, put Hedgecock into a saintly "recovering ex-mayor turned radio talk host" platform. Thanks Don, again, for fine reporting and a good article! Cheers.

Darren: I'm not sure anyone, including Hedgecock, would say he is saintly. He is doing very well financially while being a second- or third-tier talk show host, depending on how you define it. He takes a lot of money from an arch-conservative nonprofit that professes to be nonpartisan, but that doesn't appear to be a sin. Best, Don Bauder

Roger's worst nightmare is losing his mic at KFMB and having to apply at KPBS-FM. ;-) Roger's experience as a lawyer equipped him for AM radio talk. What I wanna know, is with Roger's big push for the war on Iraq (pre and post March 2003), following the neocon script, will he mention the Special Inspector Generals's report released this week about the $1.7 billion unaccounted for in "reconstruction" efforts? Or the $60 billion spent there with little to show for it (this is only a portion of war costs, some quote nearly $1 trillion for aggregate fee). Remember Roger to quote this slogan: FREEDOM DOES NOT COME FREE, IT COMES WITH A VERY HIGH TAX FEE!

Darren: Good point. My bet is that Hedgecock will not mention that report, which showed the futility of the Iraq war, in case there is anyone who doesn't already know. I doubt that Hedgecock will talk about the fact -- and it is a fact -- that the White House deliberately lied to convince the public that it was necessary to go into that war, claiming that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction without any knowledge to back that up. It wasn't an error; it was a lie. What has always fascinated (and repulsed) me is how hard Cheney fought to make sure that what was said in his meeting with the oil industry was never made public. That's because, in my opinion, the oil industry, with Cheney moderating the discussion, was carving up Iraq assets even before we went into that war. Best, Don Bauder

Don, there's a recent documentary on Cheney premiering on Showtime next Saturday (March 16) at 9PM. It was made by R.J. Cutler, who also made "The War Room", about Clinton's first presidential campaign. Also, Maureen Dowd wrote an outstanding piece on Cheney two days ago:

Duhbya: Yes, I heard about that documentary. I also read the Maureen Dowd column, which is excellent. Even after no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, Bush and Cheney both keep insisting that the decision to go to war was the right one. Frightening. Best, Don Bauder

I was unaware that Cheney was raised in a house full of Democrats, thereby disproving the adage "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". Unless, as appears to be the case here, the tree is on the side of a hill.

Duhbya: I confess I don't know much about scripture, but didn't Adam or Eve -- one of the other or both -- eat an apple, thus dooming us all to original sin? Something like that. Best, Don Bauder

Yeah, Catholic school removed any interest I might have had (although I never did) in the biblical realm, but I do recall that Eve enticed Adam into partaking of the forbidden fruit, according to the blatant sexist who came up with that story.

Duhbya: I understand that the concept of original sin -- with or without the apple -- is not really in the bible, but, like so many Christian concepts, was added much later. Best, Don Bauder

I have a few original sins I could contribute.

Duhbya: It sounds like your definition of an original sin is one that you innovated. Ergo, congratulations for beating the rest of humanity to those sins you invented. Best, Don Bauder

Hello Don. Roger served with a group of AM talk hosts post 9/11 in a fear-driven climate where they all shared the same script and talking points promoting the lies on Iraq. Saddam had no linkage to al-Qaeda or 9/11. Any WMD's in the form of chemical/biological he had were $old to him by a company Rumsfeld had been cozy with when Iraq and USA were on friendlier terms. Most these AM talk hosts supporting the neocon pretext for war(s) (what I call the best business model ever--PERPETUAL AND EXPANDING WAR) were once lawyers so they master rhetoric and debate. The problem is if you called any of those shows with a dissenting opinion, you were disconnected and then the host would berate you on-air, call you names, say you were a "terrorist sympathizer" or "for them!" or "traitor" and "un-American." Then in a most clever way the call producer who had screened a bank of callers would direct the host to take the callers who supported the disinformation talk host's inflection points, while also denouncing the previous caller. When Bush-II told the nation and others on a global scale "you're either for us or against us!" that amounted to a rather broad declaration of total war. When I listened to and watched all these neocon types promote the wars, as puppeteers to the profiteers (you wanna buy some drone stock?), I guessed it was a most clever psyops campaign that way too many Americans bought into. Now we are paying the price, have nothing of value to really show for all the blood spilled by both Americans and Iraqis. And I am nervous we accumulated blowback debt, not to mention who is still going to pay for the fiscal debt we incurred along the way? Take care Don!

Darren: I don't disagree with what you say, although, as I have said earlier, I don't listen to the talk shows, but I do read about what the crazies say. Yes, they abused those who questioned the war, just as the neocons in the White House abused any elected official who had doubts. It was a time of mass hysteria in the U.S. -- not unlike the mass hysteria that drove Germany into Hitler's arms, although, of course, nowhere near as ugly or as historically consequential. Even the New York Times got conned on this one. Cheney and Bush deliberately created that hysteria. Cheney, at least, knew it was based on lies. Bush may have been too dense to realize that he was being manipulated like a puppet.

Incidentally, I was retiring from the U-T in March of 2003, just as the war was beginning. I was interviewed by the late Gloria Penner on KPBS-TV. I criticized our plunging into that war and specifically said it was all about oil. I still have a tape of that TV show. Best, Don Bauder

I've known Roger for almost 40 years. I would totally agree with his statement that (paraphrased) he hasn't changed, conditions have. One thing that has never changed is his destain for lazy gov. employees. I can remember sitting in the Board of Sup's meetings when he and Sup. Jim Bates would challenge county department heads to justify their high paying jobs.

califcomedy: The trouble with Hedgecock's claim that he hasn't changed, but the conditions have changed, is that the conditions would have had to change in one helluva hurry, since he began conservative talk radio four days after leaving the mayor's office. Best, Don Bauder

Are we allowed to say that fallen former Mayor Roger Hedgecock is, was, and always will be a low slime? The eloquent Jimmy Valentine pretty much summed it up: Hedgecock works very hard. Also, he is smart. But he wields a lot less influence today than he used to -- organizing people to go to the Border to shine headlights on errant illegal Mexicans crossing over was a particular low point, in my view. He may be getting rich, but so are lot of other truly reprehensible people. So what.

monaghan: Many of Hedgecock's stunts, such as the lights on the border, were indeed a form of low slime. Your point is well taken: a lot of scoundrels get rich. Indeed, the psychopathic condition is often the road to riches. Look at the hedge fund chieftains raking in $1 billion a year and paying very low taxes on it, while the middle class withers away economically. For that matter, look at the multi-billionaires that are doing their best to destroy the middle class. Best, Don Bauder

HERE ARE SOME HEDGECOCK STATEMENTS MAKING THE ROUNDS. WCWatch posts outrageous statements by Roger Hedgecock on the Daily Kos website. Among other things in the last few months, Hedgecock has blamed the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre on "liberals" and "political correctness," according to WCWatch. The individual who submits these Hedgecock statements to Daily Kos listens to him in San Diego. Among other things Hedgecock has apparently said recently: public schools are "anti-white" and "teach hatred of white people." Also, WCWatch says Hedgecock accused President Obama of being a traitor by "switching sides in the war on terror."

In February, Hedgecock claimed that "we continue to support and allow to procreate people who are...clearly not the best." Hedgecock continued, according to WCWatch, "If we continue to support and allow to procreate people who are, you know, fill in the blank, and clearly not the best, then you are going to wind up with an average dumber and dumber population over time."

One of the most embarrassing things is that usually in quoting Hedgecock statements, WCWatch notes that the conservative talk show host is the former mayor of San Diego.

Don... Terrific reporting on Hedgecock. Wasn't there an issue when the Dominelli fraud imploded regarding Hedgecock getting preferential treatment in getting some investment money back? Also, maybe you can find out what happened to Rick Roberts...He seemed to disappear from the media after leaving KFMB.....

asl3676: Hedgecock did have $10,000 in Dominelli's offshore-based fund. Whether Hedgecock got special treatment as the fund was imploding, I simply don't remember. It sounds logical, but my memory has faded on many of those details. The focus at the time was on the $357,000 that Hoover allegedly passed to Hedgecock for his mayoral election, along with money she had allegedly passed him in other ways, such as for work on his house. In re Roberts: last year it was announced that Talk Radio Network (TRN) had signed Roberts. I have heard his show is running on at least one Texas station. However, a Facebook page heralding his return is incomplete. Best, Don Bauder

About 6 months ago or so , I read a blurb that he had been hired as a news co anchor at something called America's Radio News Network . I have no idea where to find this "network"

tomjohnston: America's Radio News Network is affiliated with TRN. You were looking at the same announcement from August of 2012 that I was alluding to. Best, Don Bauder

Although Roberts could come up with some really clownish stances at times, he actually did a few good things. His reportage on the Danielle Van Dam case was better than any other in the local media, and he beat the others with it. I just got the impression that as his ratings declined, he was trying harder and harder to get noticed, and it backfired on him. He claimed wide experience in various industries and occupations, such as being in the oil "bidness", and one would wonder when he had time to have done all those things before he went into talk radio.

Visduh: I was interviewed by Roberts a couple of times, but each time I was in my office and the interview took place by phone. I was not impressed with him, but that impression was based on a small sample. I vaguely remember speaking at some session in which he also spoke; I suppose we met face-to-face for the first time, but I don't recall. Being a conservative talk show host is a lot like being a shock jock. You have to be outrageous to keep your ratings up. Then you cross over the line and get fired as public opinion abruptly turns against you. Hedgecock has avoided getting fired, although I believe KUSI-TV did fire him in the 1990s. He was told not to do or say something and went ahead and did or said it. At least, that is what I was told at the time. Best, Don Bauder

It appears that Hedgecock owns apartments and industrial buildings all over San Diego, and as many as 60 apartment buildings in Las Vegas. By all rights Hedgecock should have been ruined when he resigned as mayor under a cloud. Instead, he arose like the Phoenix from the ash heap of a ruined political career to attain great wealth as a real estate investor.

Burwell: There is no doubt that Hedgecock landed on his feet. He switched his ideology almost overnight at just the right time. As a college student, Del Mar attorney, and San Diego mayor, he was always articulate and quick on his feet. These qualities helped him in radio. San Diego and Vegas took big real estate hits during the Great Recession. Both are coming back, but are still well below their peaks. Apartments are doing well now in San Diego. Commercial real estate still has problems. Still, those properties should be throwing off good income. Best, Don Bauder

RICK ROBERTS NEW HOST OF SATURDAY RADIO SHOW. Envision Radio Networks announced today (March 12) that Rick Roberts, whom Hedgecock replaced more than a year ago at KFMB, will co-host a Saturday show called America Weekend. Roberts will host the show from noon to 3 p.m. E.T. Two other hosts will handle other hours. Roberts was a talk show host on KOGO and KFMB in San Diego, but as the program ran low on gas on KFMB, Hedgecock moved in to replace him. Best, Don Bauder

HEDGECOCK ON RADIO SAYS U.S. SHOULD CHOKE AFGHAN PRESIDENT AND LEAVE HIM LIFELESS ON THE STREET. Here is another Hedgecock statement, this one from yesterday (March 11): Hedgecock noted that the president of Afghanistan stated that the U.S. is working with the Taliban to destabilize his country -- thus biting the hand that is feeding his country. Stated Hedgecock, "We should choke you out with the same hand and leave you lifeless on the nearest dirty, rutted street of your rubble capital." A U-Tube of Hedgecock's crude remark is making the rounds. Thanks to WCWatch for the U-Tube. Best, Don Bauder

This article smacks of a combination of "yellow journalism", the typical liberal tactic of character assassination, petty envy and jealousy, and sniping at all the usual targets for the personal gratification of an old, washed up, so called journalist. If I recall correctly, when Bauder was the financial editor of the S.D. Union Tribune for all those years, our city was between the 8th largest and 6th largest city in terms of population in the U.S., and the financial section was perhaps 4 to 6 pages of the entire paper, and 3-4 pages of that was the listing of stocks. So much for Bauder's prowess and ability to provide a worthwhile section for interested readers. The financial news was a joke for a city the size of San Diego. I find it odd that Bauder could not find one decent thing to say about the good thing/s Hedgecock has done and continues to's pursuit of Fast and Furious, the Benghazi cover up and lies, exposing the horrors of obamacare, and many, many other issues that our country faces today and need to be challenged or reversed if we are to survive as a great country. Here's a suggestion, Don: Why don't you write a similar hit piece on obama re his unConstitutional acts, appointment of czars, his pathological lying and is it a mental disorder, etc. You know, Don, some mundane story like that. Oh, I need to keep your job to augment your SocSec income. (P.S. FYI I am 74 years old, now retired, and I "built" seven businesses from scratch here in San Diego)

dumbingdownofamerica: Somehow, I sense that any response I give is not going to persuade you. I don't see signs of a mental disorder in Obama. Incidentally, I have criticized Obama: I deplore Holder's statement that he doesn't prosecute banks if some economist says the move will destabilize the financial system. Mary Jo White, a bad Obama choice to head the SEC, has made a similar statement. I have been critical of Geithner, Summers, and other Obama appointees. Obama has not broken up big banks as he should. Best, Don Bauder

Duhbya: I don't think dumbingdownofamerica is Papa Doug or even some of his surrogates. However, dumbingdownofsandiego would be a good name for the U-T. Best, Don Baude

Duhbya: Now you deserve an even larger prize. You can write editorials for a week. Free. Best, Don Bauder

I must admit, my "screen" name / byline would be most appropriate given their new name: DUHbya

Duhbya: Congratulations. I wish I had thought of that. Best, Don Bauder

Duhbya: Why don't you submit it to management? Maybe you will get awarded a big monetary prize. Best, Don Bauder

And/or feted at a banquet in my honor. Main course: tar and feather souffle.

Duhbya: Sounds every bit as tasty as haggis. Best, Don Bauder

Even the word, haggis (gaggis?), is repulsive to me.

Duhbya: If you don't love haggis, I assume you are not Scottish. Best, Don Bauder

I guess I am what could be termed a fallen away Gael, then: I'm of Scots-Irish lineage. Never liked Guinness, either. Faith and begorrah!!

Duhbya: Ireland's economy is a mess -- one of the worst in Europe. And Royal Bank of Scotland -- ugh, what a mare's nest. No wonder you are fallen away. Best, Don Bauder

Rush (the radio host not the great Canadian rock band) made a ton of money with a fairly simple formula that he executed to perfection.

  1. Our side is always right.
  2. Your side is always wrong.
  3. Have enough facts and data to support 1 & 2. Ignore all contrary evidence to 1 & 2 - even when it is totally obvious.
  4. When 3 fails weave together a long logical syllogism that doesn't completely makes sense but sounds good for a quick radio segmen.
  5. When 3 and 4 fail then maybe stretch the truth just a little but do it in a way that can't be completely disproven.

Results -

  1. Immense weatlh for Rush (the radio host not the Canadian rock band).
  2. A lot of wealth for Rush wannabe's like Roger Hedgecock
  3. Tremendous damage to the GOP by creating a caricature of the GOP's ideals which moderates are appalled by.

ImJustABill: Very good points. You are correct to point out that Limbaugh et al are hurting the Republican party. Best, Don Bauder

Learned today, sadly, that Jimmy Valentine has passed on. He was the longtime producer for the Roger Hedgecock show. Jimmy did much to help wounded warriors.

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