Incomplete Neighbor’s gone “entirely off-grid, man!”
  • Incomplete Neighbor’s gone “entirely off-grid, man!”

“My close friend called me, freaking out,” says Incomplete Neighbor singer/guitarist Tyson Zamora of how he discovered their music was in a new documentary movie. “His daughter heard our song on the Craigslist Joe soundtrack and was screaming for joy in the background. I immediately texted the band and went on Netflix.”

To his surprise, “Our song ‘Hall of Mirrors’ was included in the documentary movie Craigslist Joe. It was a great present for us after so many months without even playing a show.” The hand-clapping folk tune had been picked up in early 2012 by Lady Danville (the L.A. band soundtracking the film), who heard it via a friend of Zamora’s at UCLA. “It was all a rush of excitement, especially when we heard Zach Galifianakis was the executive producer. Next thing we know, we’re signing the paperwork, which basically stated there’d be no payment, just extra-juicy exposure.”

A year passed with no further word, and the band — based in Chula Vista and University Heights — got busy promoting a new EP. “Without hearing from any Hollywood people, we basically forgot the soundtrack thing ever happened.”

Zamora sees parallels to his own life in Craigslist Joe, which chronicles Joseph Garner’s month-long attempt to give up everything he owned, including his home, to instead solicit Craigslist users for virtually all his daily needs, for everything from transportation to companionship.

“I experienced homelessness while trying to make the band work in San Diego,” Zamora says of the period that resulted in temporarily relocating to Arizona, where preproduction on the band’s second full-length is taking place in the remote High Northern Plateau. “Nameless Nowhere Studios is a solar-powered studio near my family’s home, 13 miles off the freeway,” says Zamora. “Entirely off-grid, man!

“It has organic gardening, a greenhouse, and even a Native American sweat lodge that helps me shed the hipster persona, so that I can better get to know myself.” He says the album, which they hope to finish by summer, will be “more poppy than before, but also more experimental. I’m kinda obsessed with trying to make electronic music that retains a punk and jazz ethic and isn’t so bent on pleasing everybody....”

As for their newfound status as a soundtrack band, “We look forward to getting paid next time we’re in a movie. But, if not, that’s cool, too.”

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