People's Food Co-op to expand – out of Ocean Beach?

Parking lot and storage space near capacity

The Ocean Beach People's Food Co-op is looking to expand their grocery store located at 4765 Voltaire Street. General manager Nancy Cassidy addressed the issue in the March 2013 monthly newsletter.

"We are reaching full capacity in the back-stock coolers, as well as in our parking lot many times throughout the day,” said Cassidy. The co-op parking lot is famously cramped, and circling autos increase their carbon footprint outside the "green store" by having to wait for a spot to open up.

Cassidy noted that "we have done extensive exploration in communities all over San Diego for the past few years, looking for sites that meet criteria for traffic, parking, truck loading, and affordability."

The co-op is seeking feedback and input from members and the general public.

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Why don't you stay in Ocean Beach and rent the vacant grocery store?

I heard they are looking at the empty facility at hwy 15 & El Cajon Blvd. Used to be a "green" fuel station w/gas/ethanol/diesel/elec.hookups. Not sure what the location offers other than lots of parking and a presence in that part of town. I think People's wants to get out of OB and compete with the big boys: Whole foods & Trader Joe's.

People's has no intention of shutting the Ocean Beach location. The objective of "expansion" is to open a second location. Many current shoppers have requested this. Plus, increasing cooperative business presence, i.e. businesses that are owned and controlled by the people who use them (which differs largely from the business model of Whole Foods and Trader Joe's), in San Diego is good for communities and local economies.

Dear Pickle, I went to People's Co-op yesterday to buy a coconut & asked the produce guy your question--why doesn't People's just move into the old Apple Tree Market place, which has plenty of room? The employee told me the old Apple Tree building is loaded with asbestos and would require so much rehabilitating & cleaning up as to make it impractical to consider for People's.

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