Missing from Golden Hill: Yoshi

Abducted by man who tears down posters?

Yoshi, a white, three-year-old, female terrier mix has been missing since September 7 of last year. The owner has contacted a police detective because, as the “missing” poster notes, “The people who found Yoshi are keeping her.”

When I spoke to her on the phone, Yoshi’s owner, Meldi, told me that she hasn't stopped searching for Yoshi and that she knows who has her.

How does she know this? She said when she started posting flyers in the surrounding neighborhoods of where she lives, she’d return many times and find her posters torn down, yet flyers of other missing animals would remain intact. When she posted flyers with tear-off phone numbers, she would return and find all the phone numbers torn in half.

Meldi says her posts on Craigslist resulted in sarcastic and insulting emails. Further, she stated that she has seen the same man following her around in a car at least six times while she was posting the flyers (she has not been able to get his complete license-plate number).

She believes that the captor of Yoshi might be in the vicinity of 26th-27th streets and Broadway or near 25th and Imperial, because that is where all the flyers have been torn down and it is also where she says she has seen the same man watching her from his car.

She believes Yoshi is in an apartment complex within those blocks and is searching for the car and the man behind the wheel. She also feels it is taking up too much of her life, but she is upset to think someone took her dog.

Yoshi has no microchip, nor is she on any kind of medications. She has regularly checked the animal shelters.

Meldi claims the detective handling her case does not return her calls, and the two voice mails I left for the detective were also not returned.

Meldi has taken advantage of the Reader's Golden Hill Holler pages to post the flyers and has a Facebook page set up for Yoshi. She is hoping that by doing all of this, a neighbor or someone who knows the person who may have Yoshi will contact her.

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I'm not surprised that this lady had been snubbed by the detectives, she has obviously made it into the paranoid nutjob list. I have taken down yoshi posters too ( even though I don't live in that stated area, or have a van). because it is the biggest case of overkill I've seen on a missing pet. She hasn't just posted on the Golden Hill Holler page, she has posted repeatedly on every single Holler page in the County. If she is so sure the dog is in that area, then why post on the Campo and Alpine pages? Some of us just don't like clutter on our trees and power poles. Did she really say she saw this van six different times and couldn't get a license plate? That alone sound fishy. Sorry to say, the dog is probably gone to meet its maker by now.

You're an insensitive jerk.and couldn't possibly be an animal lover. Yes, maybe she has posted a lot of flyers, but she is heartsick over the loss of her fur kid. I've been there and know what it feels like. Jerks like you are the kind of people I don't even want to be friends with.

Mercy thank you for sticking up for yoshi & me



You've taken down Yoshi posters? You've probably taken down some of my Mocha posters. I went all over San Diego looking for my dog Mocha and "cluttered" your precious trees and poles with a request for assistance from the neighborhood. You go around remove that cry for help. It's ok, one day you'll be in a similar predicament and you'll learn the feeling. Until then, stop removing posters for lost animals. Complain to the city if you wish. Animal loss or theft should be considered more serious than it is in our community. Yoshi's owner and I both helped each out since both our dogs went missing about the same time. I wish I could pinpoint the location of my dog. And trust me Hardcover, I would do the EXACT same thing as her. Detectives don't snub dog owners for any other reason that they're searching for dogs and they're harder to find than humans.

Good job posting something offensive to people and creating some controversy. You've definitely selected the right article to do that. good luck in life Hardcover, you'll need it with your unfounded opinionated crap.

This is very sad, but the fact of the matter is that in Southern California if your pet is missing the chances are that coyotes got him. I hate to take away someones hope but I had to deal with the loss before and sometimes its better to just accept what happened and move on.

On a side note...If you love your pet so much that you are willing to go to these lengths. Why the heck would you not get your pet a MICROCHIP!? I find stray dogs all the time and the first thing I do is take them to a local Vet and get them scanned and none of them ever have chips!? Its the most irresponsible lack of pet ownership ever. Fork over the $20 and get your pet a chip!

It's not the $20! People asked me that question several times myself. I got Mocha in NJ. Shelters in NJ have a bad reputation. Dogs go there to get put down usually. You find stray dogs and take them to a vet or shelter, but most people don't bother. If Mocha had been taken to a vet or shelter after getting lost I would've found her (microchipped or not). She was kept by the people who found her, just like in this article (although here it seemed it was theft and not just "found"). I completely agree with you that pets should be microchipped. It should even be just as mandatory as registering your pet with your state, which as you know, not a lot of people do since...oh wait it's already part of the process? Don't need to blame it on irresponsibility, blame it on ignorance.

Perhaps you two could pool your resources and get someone like this to assist:


Keep the faith.

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