Car drives onto trolley tracks in Linda Vista

Tow-truck #2 pulls it off the rails

Eastbound San Diego Trolley traffic came to a standstill at the Linda Vista/Morena station from 7:15 to 7:45 p.m. on June 14, as did all traffic at the Friars Road/Morena Boulevard intersection.

A car had become stuck on the eastbound tracks. It appeared as though the car had been driven from the parking lot onto the station waiting area and then gone east down the tracks.

Eastbound traffic on Friars Road west of Morena Boulevard easily U-turned since there is no median there, but westbound traffic east of Morena was stuck until the driver at the front realized that the railroad crossing arms were not going up anytime soon; they then made their way through a narrow pass in the median and turned around to go back east.

At least seven police cars were present. Because the Western Division of the San Diego Police Department is located across the street, it seemed officers had walked over to see what was happening. A lot of the officers took pictures of the disabled car with their smartphones.

The first tow truck on the scene was not able to pull the car off the tracks due to not having a long enough tow line and not being able to drive down the tracks to get closer to the car.

The second tow truck hooked two tow lines together and after seven minutes of slow, careful towing, succeeded in retrieving the car. It was then loaded onto a tow truck and taken away.

The male driver of the car was given an onsite breathalyzer test by police but I could not stay around long enough to watch what happened to him.

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