Masters of Horror

Tucker and Dale vs Evil
  • Tucker and Dale vs Evil

If you’ve wondered what your favorite horror directors would do with unlimited creative freedom, then Masters of Horror is for you. The first season collects 13 veteran horror directors such as John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper, giving them a budget just over $1.5 million to make an hourlong film each. The result is a combination of strikingly original stories and a handful of updates on worn-out tropes. Highlights: “Incidents On and Off a Mountain Road” and “Jenifer.”

  • Masters of Horror: Season One (USA) 2002, Starz
  • List price: $59.98 (14 discs)

I was surprised that more people hadn’t seen Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil when it was released in 2010. Betrayed by a minuscule marketing budget, this film’s smarter and funnier than any comedy of the last five years and shows a better grasp of practical effects than most modern horror films. Starring Taylor Labine (also criminally overlooked), Tucker and Dale is a must-see for comedy fans and absolute must-own for horror aficionados.

  • Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil (USA) 2010, Magnolia
  • List price: $14.98

— Tom Bevis
Host, Projectors Podcast; projectorspodcast.com

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