He gets a year for rigging campus election

He wanted to be student body president, so stole identities and passwords

Matthew Weaver, former Cal State San Marcos student, was sentenced to a year in prison today (July 15) for stealing identities and passwords of more than 700 fellow students so he could win the campus presidency. He had admitted in March to stealing 745 student passwords that he used to cast 630 votes for himself and friends on the ballot. U.S. District Judge Larry A. Burns said he was troubled by Weaver, even after his arrest, attempting to frame fellow students and soliciting news media coverage contending he had been falsely accused.

It's too bad. It appears that he has all the qualities that would make him an ideal politician today.

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This is indeed unexpected. I always thought that campus elections were nothing very important, and had little impact on anyone. (For the record, I won one once, while in graduate school, and found the duties frustrating and ultimately pointless.) A year in the slammer for such a thing, huh? Perhaps it has more to do with the identity theft than anything else; I doubt that any power that might have accrued to the holder of the office was all that compromised.

Visduh: I agree that student body president is an insignificant position, but the guy did admit to serious identity theft. He had to get some time. Best, Don Bauder

It is pretty hard to end up in federal court on a dumb non financial identity theft crime, and end up in the slammer.

SurfPup: Yes, it was nonfinancial, but it was identity theft nonetheless. Best, Don Bauder

I read somewhere that the position brought with it about 8k in benefits. Wish I could be more specific, but that's all I remember.

Jimgee: I never saw that. If it is true, then it's one more reason why he deserved the punishment he got. Best, Don Bauder

Don, he rigged a school election that probably had less than 5% of the student body vote, big deal?? Not 1 year term in Club Fed big deal, 30 days MAYBE and that is a big maybe.

SurfPup: Your opinion is always welcome here. I don't believe in light sentences for those who commit identity theft. Best, Don Bauder

Don, my logic here.....Identity theft is very serious, but is this identity theft?? No, not really, he stole the VOTE of a number of students in a rigged election but he did not steal their identity, not in the real sense of identity theft. Don, there is a guy sitting in San Diego County jail right now who is doing a 1 year county sentence at 40%, or 150 days, for MANSLAUGHTER, for KILLING a person. How can you reconcile a guy killing someone and only doing 150 days vs a guy who only stole votes in a school election getting 1 year @ 85%?????? We have to disagree here...

SurfPup: We disagree. The guy guilty of manslaughter deserved more time. Best, Don Bauder

According to the following article, he did it for the money. I have to agree with Don that identity theft is no minor offense.


I have to agree with Don that identity theft is no minor offense. it may not speeding traffic ticket minor, but it sure the hell isn't 1 year of federal time either.

SurfPup: we can agree to disagree. Best, Don Bauder

Jimgee: If that story is accurate, it buttresses the case of those of us who think that one year was justified. Best, Don Bauder

I don't know much about the rigging of college student body positions. What I am really disturbed with is the outcome of the daily Swifty Swine races at the county fair. Those are definitely rigged. And is seems nobody cares.

Ponzi, you kill me......still laughing :)

SurfPup: See, Ponzi, somebody cares: the SurfPup, who always stands up for morality. On reading Ponzi's observation, SurfPup is happy as a hog eatin'.... oh, never mind. Best, Don Bauder

Ponzi: I don't know a thing about the Swifty Swine races, but if they are rigged, piggishness should be punished with a year in the sty. I will say this: when I was very young (say, high school, or more than 60 years ago) I would go to the sulky races near Chicago. You could see the jockey yanking the reins, trying to make sure the horse didn't win the race...almost trying to get the nag to stop in its tracks. Best, Don Bauder

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