Carl gets the rake

Carl DeMaio
  • Carl DeMaio

Former city councilman Carl DeMaio, who lost his bid for mayor to Democrat Bob Filner, hasn’t yet received the official GOP endorsement for his congressional run, but he’s already looking to at least one high-power party figure to help rake in big lobbyist cash in Washington, D.C., next week. According to an invitation posted online by, House majority whip Kevin McCarthy is the star of a DeMaio July 17 lunch event at the Capitol Hill Club. “Serve as a ‘Co-Chair’ with a PAC contribution of $5000 or individual contribution of $1000,” says the invite. “Serve as a ‘Co-Host’ with a contribution [per PAC] of $2500 or individual contribution of $500. Contribution for Attendees is $1000 for PAC, or individual contribution of $250.”

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It looks like DeMaio is a two-face, one for the public and the other for his crazy personal agenda and quest for power positioning.

Shirley you must be kidding. DeMaio would have been a great Mayor. He's hard working, personable and intelligent. Now, we're stuck with a cranky whack job who can't seem to get along.

Surely you jest! Personable? DeMaio is a whiner, and his attitude is "my way or the highway" (like that other scrappy and annoying whiner of the past, Ross Perot). Don't forget: Carl was booed at last year's Pride parade; most of the LGBT community can't stand him.

Carl was booed at last year's Pride parade; most of the LGBT community can't stand him.


Not surprising at all. Most LGBT in SD are politically progressive. Queer conservatives like DeMaio and Dumanis are strange local anomalies. I had never even conceived of a lesbian, Jewish, GOP office holder until I moved here. A rare bird indeed. And as for DeMaio- his Koch Bros. brand of public employee bashing, privatization-at-all-cost, soft on social issues brand of neo conservatism just doesn't fly in Hillcrest... no matter how hard Johnathan Hale (aka John Wyckoff, aka Jon Hacket) pushes for it.


by Jeff_O

Yeah but not Carl. He just wants to be there for the peeps of this fair city. Checkout his statement today after poor old Big Boner Bob Fiilthy Filner got thrown under the bus by Donna Frizzle Fryed. You and I may not think we deserve this cast of characters running this beeyooteefull crazy lipo-injected pothead fake ass boobie town. But we do. We do.

"As much as the outcome of the November election disappointed me, I had hoped that Bob would have been a good Mayor - and urged my supporters to give him time and be open to supporting and helping him.

Sadly, the evidence is mounting that Bob Filner is simply incapable of leading our city.

Bob Filner has bought such strife and turmoil to City Hall that we are seeing important issues that matter most to San Diegans being pushed to the side. This is no way to govern a city - San Diego deserves better.

I appreciate the emails and calls! I want you to know I'm listening! I'm discussing several ideas with supporters and civic leaders on how we can best help stabilize the situation and help our city move past this chaos. As soon as we have a plan of action, I'll re-connect with you."

I disagree with you- Filner beat Demaio fair and square and until legit and verifiable claims of misconduct are raised I will give him the benefit of the doubt-and if you have spent ANY time around this web site you KNOW I am not a fan of the public employee establishment, which Filner certainly is.... he has been in office only a few months, give it more time

And I agree with you. Was being fecetious (heavy sarcasm is my trade!!) I would cast my vote for Bob Filner three times over before givng a vote for any of the usual clowns/turds that surface (talkin to you now Sanders!!). SD gub-ment is long long overdo for ANY type of shake up. So he sometimes presses the wrong buttons. So he likes the ladies. Define sexual harassment, Donna Frizzle!!

Some women define sexual harassment as a guy asking them out, but it depends on the guy-if he is ugly or a loser it is sexual harassment, if he is a handsome fella it is a DATE!

His fiancée did not like to be yelled at in Paris [and didn't like him hitting on other women] so dumped him like a hot potato. But yelling is not the issue; it's sexual harassment of women. That cannot be tolerated in the workplace. If Filner denies it under oath, that could lead to a perjury charge as well.

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