Election day in Tijuana brings irregularities

Molotov cocktail, for example

A hurled Molotov cocktail, a hijacked box of votes, and three individuals posing as journalists while doing some last-minute stumping for their party were reported as the most egregious examples of voting irregularities on election day in Tijuana.

Two women were arrested in the stolen ballot-box incident. State police arrested Sandra de la Torre and Guadalupe Islas for absconding with the box, reports El Sol de Tijuana.

Municipal police officers arrested a trio of self-proclaimed journalists sporting badges that read "El Informante de Baja California" (“The Informant of Baja California”). Police had responded to a complaint registered by an election official tending the voting site in Calle Circuito del Árbol in the Colonia Fovissste neighborhood. The journalists could produce no official credentials listing them as such, and an inspection of their van revealed stacks of “propaganda” for a political party they were covertly promoting.

A Molotov cocktail was hurled onto the premises of the residence of Leticia Castañeda, affiliated with a movement within one of the big three political parties in Mexico. Neighbors in Colonia Mariano Matamoros saw the flaming vessel of gasoline thrown from the back of a white pick-up truck with several men onboard. Apparently, a message was being sent, but the result was minor damage to a car on the property struck by the exploding bottle.

The Secretaría de Seguridad Pública Estatal reported that incidents of complaints about the election process in the state of Baja California amounted to a received 173 election-related reports, of which 41% were from the municipality of Mexicali, 39% from Tijuana, 11% from Ensenada, 5% from Rosarito Beach, and 4% from Tecate. However, the complaints received were of a minor nature, compared to some elections in the past where blatant vote manipulation and sometimes even booze-fueled riots were the order of the day.

Baja state officials summed up the jornada electoral (election day) Sunday as essentially tranquila, calm, as the people elected a new governor, deputies, and other state and local politicos.

Source: El Sol de Tijuana

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The focus of your piece is about irregularities is myoptic.Compare San Diego elections,computer glitchs,voter access problems,quick count delays,security issues,no different in TJ,its the nature of the process.In fact the mexican process mandates that minor party candidates and their positions are statutorily included in the election and representation process.Politics all over the world,is what we should be concerned about,not the workings of a public process.

It's a shame a media outlet as you publish negative news of a city that is supposed to be a sister to San Diego. What a shame. Although the information is not false, these common acts in a new democracy like ours. Should emphasize the quiet, civility and maturity of Mexico in this regard.

TB, perhaps sharing also the other side of coin would serve to a more balanced writing to your readers, not all in Baja is black, there are sunny days and positive events including in the past election. Yes focusing on negative sell more ?? doubt it!

Completely out of context. There were more than 4500 voting places in Baja. The election had a higher turn out than the ones in San Diego or California or the U.S. It was, other than these specific incidents, an overwhelmingly peaceful election. Tijuana is thriving and growing. As any big city it´s not with out problems but it´s making progress in many respects. We have to recognize it´s an intricate part of our region and our community. The progress of San Diego is linked to the progress of Tijuana.

Hi San Diego Reader, If you try to get more readers, You got it (at least with this comment). If yoy are trying to sell more, maybe you also got it, but please do not pretend this comment is analysis. We also have in Tijuana media that the only it writes is bad news. You could easily make team with them. !Poor quality!

Those incidents are true but... they are hyped as a rule when they are in fact oddities in a really peaceful process, ok as peaceful as politics can be... ;-) see Florida elections for that matter. The article title is "Election day in Tijuana brings irregularities" a more precise approach could be "brings A FEW irregularities" I understand Tijuana and everything south of the border is an easy target for journalism such as this, but this piece misses the incredible job of a election authority that is mainly citizen-driven all these voting places were handled with extreme care and a sense of civic duty, there lies a interesting story but for that story you need to come down... So Welcome to Tijuana.

The election day was peaceful than your distasteful focus on the negative. Baja California is a good neighbor and plays fair with incidents happening in San Diego. Where is your balanced unbiased report other than trashing a democratic effort in Mexico? Furthermore, as a region we are one of the most dynamics in the world. I invite you to be professional and find great success histories happening in Tijuana benefiting San Diego which are commonly the rule not the exception.

Hey you guys might missed this statement - "Baja state officials summed up the jornada electoral (election day) Sunday as essentially tranquila, calm, as the people elected a new governor, deputies, and other state and local politicos." Calm yourselves!! HAH HAH! Viva Mexico!

Tidiego posted: "Completely out of context. There were more than 4500 voting places in Baja. The election had a higher turn out than the ones in San Diego or California or the U.S."

Say what? Why do you make up facts? The voter turnout in Baja California was well documented. The voter turnout in Baja California on July 8, 2013 was an apathetic 39%. The voter turnout in the last California election in November, 2012 was 72%.



Dear Sirs: A large group of concerned citizens and businessman developed a net of observers during the local election day in Tijuana. No mayor report was made to us, besides minor incidents. Needles to say that the loosing party- PRI- is making these false allegations

Thanks your attention Roberto Quijano

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